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Port Number List Of Services Matching MONITOR

I searched my database for all services matching "monitor" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
192tcposu-nmsOSU Network Monitoring System
192udposu-nmsOSU Network Monitoring System
193tcpsrmpSpider Remote Monitoring Protocol
193udpsrmpSpider Remote Monitoring Protocol
198tcpdls-monDirectory Location Service Monitor
198udpdls-monDirectory Location Service Monitor
1046tcpwfremotertmWebFilter Remote Monitor
1046udpwfremotertmWebFilter Remote Monitor
1232tcpfirst-defenseRemote systems monitoring
1232udpfirst-defenseRemote systems monitoring
1427tcpmloaddmloadd monitoring tool
1427udpmloaddmloadd monitoring tool
1712tcpregistrarresource monitoring service
1712udpregistrarresource monitoring service
2039tcpprizmaPrizma Monitoring Service
2039udpprizmaPrizma Monitoring Service
2609tcpsystem-monitorSystem Monitor
2609udpsystem-monitorSystem Monitor
2660tcpgcmonitorGC Monitor
2660udpgcmonitorGC Monitor
2735tcpnetiq-mcNetIQ Monitor Console
2735udpnetiq-mcNetIQ Monitor Console
3072tcpcsd-monitorContinuStor Monitor Port
3072udpcsd-monitorContinuStor Monitor Port
3186tcpiiw-portIIW Monitor User Port
3186udpiiw-portIIW Monitor User Port
3203tcpnetwatcher-monNetwork Watcher Monitor
3203udpnetwatcher-monNetwork Watcher Monitor
3241tcpsysorbSysOrb Monitoring Server
3241udpsysorbSysOrb Monitoring Server
3300tcpcephCeph monitor
3482tcpvultureVulture Monitoring System
3482udpvultureVulture Monitoring System
3542tcphacl-monitorHA cluster monitor
3542udphacl-monitorHA cluster monitor
3848tcpitemIT Environmental Monitor
3848udpitemIT Environmental Monitor
4153tcpmbl-battdMBL Remote Battery Monitoring
4153udpmbl-battdMBL Remote Battery Monitoring
4403tcpds-userASIGRA Televaulting DS-Client Monitoring/Management
4403udpds-userASIGRA Televaulting DS-Client Monitoring/Management
4404tcpds-adminASIGRA Televaulting DS-System Monitoring/Management
4404udpds-adminASIGRA Televaulting DS-System Monitoring/Management
4414tcpupdogUpdog Monitoring and Status Framework
4552tcpmenandmice-monMen and Mice Monitoring
4552udpmenandmice-monMen and Mice Monitoring
4950tcpsybasesrvmonSybase Server Monitor
4950udpsybasesrvmonSybase Server Monitor
4969tcpccss-qmmCCSS QMessageMonitor
4969udpccss-qmmCCSS QMessageMonitor
4970tcpccss-qsmCCSS QSystemMonitor
4970udpccss-qsmCCSS QSystemMonitor
5145tcprmonitor_secureRMONITOR SECURE
5145udprmonitor_secureRMONITOR SECURE
5316tcphpblademsHPBladeSystem Monitor Service
5317tcphpdevmsHP Device Monitor Service
6343tcpsflowsFlow traffic monitoring
6343udpsflowsFlow traffic monitoring
7272tcpwatchme-7272WatchMe Monitoring 7272
7272udpwatchme-7272WatchMe Monitoring 7272
7410tcpionixnetmonIonix Network Monitor
7410udpionixnetmonIonix Network Monitor
7421tcpmtportmonMatisse Port Monitor
7421udpmtportmonMatisse Port Monitor
7869tcpmobileanalyzerMobileAnalyzer& MobileMonitor
9286udpn2receiven2 monitoring receiver
12321tcpwarehouse-sssWarehouse Monitoring Syst SSS
12321udpwarehouse-sssWarehouse Monitoring Syst SSS
12322tcpwarehouseWarehouse Monitoring Syst
12322udpwarehouseWarehouse Monitoring Syst
18242tcpiclidCheckpoint router monitoring
31416tcpxqosdXQoS network monitor
31416udpxqosdXQoS network monitor
31685tcpdsx_monitorDS Expert Monitor
45000tcpasmpNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (data transfer)
45000udpasmp-monNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (device monitoring)
45001tcpasmpsNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (secure data transfer)
45002tcprs-statusRedspeed Status Monitor
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