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Port Number List Of Services Matching NAME

I searched my database for all services matching "name" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
42tcpnameHost Name Server
42udpnameHost Name Server
42tcpnameserverHost Name Server
42udpnameserverHost Name Server
43tcpnicnameWho Is
43udpnicnameWho Is
53tcpdomainDomain Name Server
53udpdomainDomain Name Server
101tcphostnameNIC Host Name Server
101udphostnameNIC Host Name Server
105tcpcsnet-nsMailbox Name Nameserver
105udpcsnet-nsMailbox Name Nameserver
105tcpcsoCCSO name server protocol
105udpcsoCCSO name server protocol
137tcpnetbios-nsNETBIOS Name Service
137udpnetbios-nsNETBIOS Name Service
202tcpat-nbpAppleTalk Name Binding
202udpat-nbpAppleTalk Name Binding
261tcpnsiiopsIIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
261udpnsiiopsIIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
512tcpexecremote process execution; authentication performed using passwords and UNIX login names
520tcpefsextended file name server
597tcpptcnameservicePTC Name Service
597udpptcnameservicePTC Name Service
953tcprndcBIND9 remote name daemon controller
1096tcpcnrprotocolCommon Name Resolution Protocol
1096udpcnrprotocolCommon Name Resolution Protocol
1512tcpwinsMicrosoft's Windows Internet Name Service
1512udpwinsMicrosoft's Windows Internet Name Service
1903tcplinknameLocal Link Name Resolution
1903udplinknameLocal Link Name Resolution
3415tcpbcinameserviceBCI Name Service
3415udpbcinameserviceBCI Name Service
3950tcpnamemungeName Munging
3950udpnamemungeName Munging
6363udpndnNamed Data Networking
6701tcpkti-icad-srvrKTI/ICAD Nameserver
6701udpkti-icad-srvrKTI/ICAD Nameserver
7170tcpnsrpAdaptive Name/Service Resolution
7170udpnsrpAdaptive Name/Service Resolution
8953tcpub-dns-controlunbound dns nameserver control
9956udpalljoynAlljoyn Name Service
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