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Port Number List Of Services Matching NAT-PMP-STATUS-ANNOUNCEMENTS

I searched my database for all services matching "nat-pmp-status-announcements" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
130tcpcisco-fnacisco FNATIVE
130udpcisco-fnacisco FNATIVE
131tcpcisco-tnacisco TNATIVE
131udpcisco-tnacisco TNATIVE
539tcpapertus-ldpApertus Technologies Load Determination
539udpapertus-ldpApertus Technologies Load Determination
591tcphttp-altFileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
591udphttp-altFileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
1823tcpunisys-lmUnisys Natural Language License Manager
1823udpunisys-lmUnisys Natural Language License Manager
2343tcpnati-logosnati logos
2343udpnati-logosnati logos
2565tcpcoord-svrCoordinator Server
2565udpcoord-svrCoordinator Server
2895tcpnatuslinkNATUS LINK
2895udpnatuslinkNATUS LINK
3015tcpnati-dstpNATI DSTP
3015udpnati-dstpNATI DSTP
3363tcpnati-vi-serverNATI Vi Server
3363udpnati-vi-serverNATI Vi Server
3390tcpdscDistributed Service Coordinator
3390udpdscDistributed Service Coordinator
3478tcpstunSession Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) port
3478udpstunSession Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) port
3753tcpnattyserverNattyServer Port
3753udpnattyserverNattyServer Port
4011tcpaltservicebootAlternate Service Boot
4011udpaltservicebootAlternate Service Boot
4078tcpcsspCoordinated Security Service Protocol
4086udpftsyncFirewall/NAT state table synchronization
4191udpdsmipv6Dual Stack MIPv6 NAT Traversal
4500tcpipsec-nat-tIPsec NAT-Traversal
4500udpipsec-nat-tIPsec NAT-Traversal
5350tcpnat-pmp-statusNAT-PMP Status Announcements
5350udpnat-pmp-statusNAT-PMP Status Announcements
5351tcpnat-pmpNAT Port Mapping Protocol
5351udpnat-pmpNAT Port Mapping Protocol
5719tcpdpm-agentDPM Agent Coordinator
5719udpdpm-agentDPM Agent Coordinator
5747tcptunaticWildbits Tunatic
5747udptunaticWildbits Tunatic
7799tcpaltbsdpAlternate BSDP Service
7799udpaltbsdpAlternate BSDP Service
8008tcphttp-altHTTP Alternate
8008udphttp-altHTTP Alternate
8080tcphttp-altHTTP Alternate (see port 80)
8080udphttp-altHTTP Alternate (see port 80)
8554tcprtsp-altRTSP Alternate (see port 554)
8554udprtsp-altRTSP Alternate (see port 554)
10500udphip-nat-tHIP NAT-Traversal
11720tcph323callsigalth323 Call Signal Alternate
11720udph323callsigalth323 Call Signal Alternate
15555tcpcisco-snatCisco Stateful NAT
15555udpcisco-snatCisco Stateful NAT
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