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Port Number List Of Services Matching NSP

I searched my database for all services matching "nsp" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
189tcpqftQueued File Transport
189udpqftQueued File Transport
271tcppt-tlsIETF Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) Posture Transport Protocol over TLS (PT-TLS)
399tcpiso-tsap-c2ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP
399udpiso-tsap-c2ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over UDP
433tcpnnspNNTP for transit servers (NNSP)
433udpnnspNNTP for transit servers (NNSP)
492tcpticf-1Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
492udpticf-1Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
493tcpticf-2Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
493udpticf-2Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
1431tcprgtpReverse Gossip Transport
1431udprgtpReverse Gossip Transport
1528udpngr-tNGR transport protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks
1883tcpmqttMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol
1883udpmqttMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol
1911tcpmtpStarlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
1911udpmtpStarlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
2517tcpcall-sig-transH.323 Annex E Call Control Signalling Transport
2517udpcall-sig-transH.323 Annex E Call Control Signalling Transport
2874tcpdxmessagebase1DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2874udpdxmessagebase1DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875tcpdxmessagebase2DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875udpdxmessagebase2DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2880tcpsynapseSynapse Transport
2880udpsynapseSynapse Transport
3346tcptrnsprntproxyTrnsprnt Proxy
3346udptrnsprntproxyTrnsprnt Proxy
3556tcpsky-transportSky Transport Protocol
3556udpsky-transportSky Transport Protocol
3621tcpep-nspEPSON Network Screen Port
3621udpep-nspEPSON Network Screen Port
3849tcpspw-dnspreloadSPACEWAY DNS Preload
3849udpspw-dnspreloadSPACEWAY DNS Prelaod
3887tcpciphire-dataCiphire Data Transport
3887udpciphire-dataCiphire Data Transport
4169tcpiadtAutomation Drive Interface Transport
4692tcpconspiracyConspiracy messaging
4692udpconspiracyConspiracy messaging
4991tcpvrtVITA Radio Transport
4991udpvrtVITA Radio Transport
5012tcpnspNetOnTap Service
5012udpnspNetOnTap Service
5161tcpsnmpsshSNMP over SSH Transport Model
5162tcpsnmpssh-trapSNMP Notification over SSH Transport Model
5567tcpdof-dps-mc-secDOF Protocol Stack Multicast/Secure Transport
5567udpdof-dps-mc-secDOF Protocol Stack Multicast/Secure Transport
5568tcpsdtSession Data Transport Multicast
5568udpsdtSession Data Transport Multicast
6085tcpkonspire2bkonspire2b p2p network
6085udpkonspire2bkonspire2b p2p network
6118udptipcTransparent Inter Process Communication
6241tcpjeol-nsdtp-1JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 1
6242tcpjeol-nsdtp-2JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 2
6243tcpjeol-nsdtp-3JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 3
6244tcpjeol-nsdtp-4JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 4
7088udpzixi-transportZixi live video transport protocol
7471tcpsttunnelStateless Transport Tunneling Protocol
7549tcpnls-tlNetwork Layer Signaling Transport Layer
7549udpnls-tlNetwork Layer Signaling Transport Layer
8041tcpenguity-xccetpXcorpeon ASIC Carrier Ethernet Transport
8041udpenguity-xccetpXcorpeon ASIC Carrier Ethernet Transport
8300tcptmiTransport Management Interface
8300udptmiTransport Management Interface
8384udpmarathontpMarathon Transport Protocol
8471tcppim-portPIM over Reliable Transport
8471sctppim-portPIM over Reliable Transport
8472tcpotvOverlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
8472udpotvOverlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
9281tcpswtp-port1SofaWare transport port 1
9281udpswtp-port1SofaWare transport port 1
9282tcpswtp-port2SofaWare transport port 2
9282udpswtp-port2SofaWare transport port 2
9911tcpsype-transportSYPECom Transport Protocol
9911udpsype-transportSYPECom Transport Protocol
9966tcpodnspOKI Data Network Setting Protocol
9966udpodnspOKI Data Network Setting Protocol
16665tcpaxon-tunnelReliable multipath data transport for high latencies
17220tcpavtpIEEE 1722 Transport Protocol for Time Sensitive Applications
17220udpavtpIEEE 1722 Transport Protocol for Time Sensitive Applications
17755tcpzigbee-ipZigBee IP Transport Service
17755udpzigbee-ipZigBee IP Transport Service
17756tcpzigbee-ipsZigBee IP Transport Secure Service
17756udpzigbee-ipsZigBee IP Transport Secure Service
23053tcpgntpGeneric Notification Transport Protocol
24322udphidTransport of Human Interface Device data streams
32811tcpretpReal Estate Transport Protocol
43191tcpnoit-transportReconnoiter Agent Data Transport
48653tcprobotraconteurRobot Raconteur transport
48653udprobotraconteurRobot Raconteur transport
49150tcpinspiderInSpider System
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