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Port Number List Of Services Matching NST

I searched my database for all services matching "nst" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
211tcp914c/gTexas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
211udp914c/gTexas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
1067tcpinstl_bootsInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
1067udpinstl_bootsInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
1068tcpinstl_bootcInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
1068udpinstl_bootcInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
1215tcpscanstat-1scanSTAT 1.0
1215udpscanstat-1scanSTAT 1.0
1336tcpischatInstant Service Chat
1336udpischatInstant Service Chat
1846tcptunstall-pncTunstall PNC
1846udptunstall-pncTunstall PNC
2226tcpdi-drmDigital Instinct DRM
2226udpdi-drmDigital Instinct DRM
2273tcpmysql-imMySQL Instance Manager
2273udpmysql-imMySQL Instance Manager
2980tcpwimdInstant Messaging Service
2980udpwimdInstant Messaging Service
3006tcpii-adminInstant Internet Admin
3006udpii-adminInstant Internet Admin
3212tcpsurveyinstSurvey Instrument
3212udpsurveyinstSurvey Instrument
3502tcpavinstalldiscAvocent Install Discovery
3502udpavinstalldiscAvocent Install Discovery
3504tcpironstormIronStorm game server
3504udpironstormIronStorm game server
3674tcpwininstall-ipcWinINSTALL IPC Port
3674udpwininstall-ipcWinINSTALL IPC Port
3720tcpufastro-instrUF Astro. Instr. Services
3720udpufastro-instrUF Astro. Instr. Services
3911tcpprnstatusPrinter Status Port
3911udpprnstatusPrinter Status Port
4091tcpewinstallerEminentWare Installer
4091udpewinstallerEminentWare Installer
4109tcpizmInstantiated Zero-control Messaging
4109udpizmInstantiated Zero-control Messaging
4422tcptsepispTSEP Installation Service Protocol
4687tcpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4687udpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4786tcpsmart-installSmart Install Service
4800tcpiimsIcona Instant Messenging System
4800udpiimsIcona Instant Messenging System
4878udpinst-discoveryAgilent Instrument Discovery
4880tcphislipIVI High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol
5033tcpjtnetd-serverJanstor Secure Data
5034tcpjtnetd-statusJanstor Status
5151tcpesri_sdeESRI SDE Instance
5152tcpsde-discoveryESRI SDE Instance Discovery
5152udpsde-discoveryESRI SDE Instance Discovery
5197tcptunstall-lwpTunstall Lone worker device interface
5599tcpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5599udpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5683tcpcoapConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
5683udpcoapConstrained Application Protocol
5684tcpcoapsConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
6077tcpiconstructsrviConstruct Server
6769tcpadi-gxp-srvprtADInstruments GxP Server
6769udpadi-gxp-srvprtADInstruments GxP Server
7283tcpgenstatGeneral Statistics Rendezvous Protocol
7624tcpindiInstrument Neutral Distributed Interface
7624udpindiInstrument Neutral Distributed Interface
8205tcplm-instmgrLM Instmgr
8205udplm-instmgrLM Instmgr
9119tcpmxitMXit Instant Messaging
9119udpmxitMXit Instant Messaging
9122tcpgrcmpGlobal Relay compliant mobile instant messaging protocol
9123tcpgrcpGlobal Relay compliant instant messaging protocol
9215tcpinsisIntegrated Setup and Install Service
9215udpinsisIntegrated Setup and Install Service
9954tcphinpHaloteC Instrument Network Protocol
9955udpalljoyn-mcmContact Port for AllJoyn multiplexed constrained messaging
13217tcprs-piasR&S Proxy Installation Assistant Service
13217udprs-piasR&S Proxy Installation Assistant Service
35357tcpopenstack-idOpenStack ID Service
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