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Port Number List Of Services Matching NST

I searched my database for all services matching "nst" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
211tcp914c/gTexas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
211udp914c/gTexas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
1067tcpinstl_bootsInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
1067udpinstl_bootsInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
1068tcpinstl_bootcInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
1068udpinstl_bootcInstallation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
1215tcpscanstat-1scanSTAT 1.0
1215udpscanstat-1scanSTAT 1.0
1336tcpischatInstant Service Chat
1336udpischatInstant Service Chat
1846tcptunstall-pncTunstall PNC
1846udptunstall-pncTunstall PNC
2226tcpdi-drmDigital Instinct DRM
2226udpdi-drmDigital Instinct DRM
2273tcpmysql-imMySQL Instance Manager
2273udpmysql-imMySQL Instance Manager
2980tcpwimdInstant Messaging Service
2980udpwimdInstant Messaging Service
3006tcpii-adminInstant Internet Admin
3006udpii-adminInstant Internet Admin
3212tcpsurveyinstSurvey Instrument
3212udpsurveyinstSurvey Instrument
3502tcpavinstalldiscAvocent Install Discovery
3502udpavinstalldiscAvocent Install Discovery
3504tcpironstormIronStorm game server
3504udpironstormIronStorm game server
3674tcpwininstall-ipcWinINSTALL IPC Port
3674udpwininstall-ipcWinINSTALL IPC Port
3720tcpufastro-instrUF Astro. Instr. Services
3720udpufastro-instrUF Astro. Instr. Services
3911tcpprnstatusPrinter Status Port
3911udpprnstatusPrinter Status Port
4091tcpewinstallerEminentWare Installer
4091udpewinstallerEminentWare Installer
4109tcpizmInstantiated Zero-control Messaging
4109udpizmInstantiated Zero-control Messaging
4687tcpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4687udpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4786tcpsmart-installSmart Install Service
4800tcpiimsIcona Instant Messenging System
4800udpiimsIcona Instant Messenging System
4878udpinst-discoveryAgilent Instrument Discovery
4880tcphislipIVI High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol
5151tcpesri_sdeESRI SDE Instance
5152tcpsde-discoveryESRI SDE Instance Discovery
5152udpsde-discoveryESRI SDE Instance Discovery
5599tcpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5599udpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5683udpcoapConstrained Application Protocol
6769tcpadi-gxp-srvprtADInstruments GxP Server
6769udpadi-gxp-srvprtADInstruments GxP Server
7624tcpindiInstrument Neutral Distributed Interface
7624udpindiInstrument Neutral Distributed Interface
8205tcplm-instmgrLM Instmgr
8205udplm-instmgrLM Instmgr
9119tcpmxitMXit Instant Messaging
9119udpmxitMXit Instant Messaging
9215tcpinsisIntegrated Setup and Install Service
9215udpinsisIntegrated Setup and Install Service
13217tcprs-piasR&S Proxy Installation Assistant Service
13217udprs-piasR&S Proxy Installation Assistant Service
18000tcpbiimenuBeckman Instruments, Inc.
18000udpbiimenuBeckman Instruments, Inc.
35357tcpopenstack-idOpenStack ID Service
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