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Port Number List Of Services Matching OAP-ADMIN

I searched my database for all services matching "oap-admin" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
605tcpsoap-beepSOAP over BEEP
605udpsoap-beepSOAP over BEEP
832tcpnetconfsoaphttpNETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
832udpnetconfsoaphttpNETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
833tcpnetconfsoapbeepNETCONF for SOAP over BEEP
833udpnetconfsoapbeepNETCONF for SOAP over BEEP
1128tcpsaphostctrlSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP
1128udpsaphostctrlSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP
1129tcpsaphostctrlsSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS
1129udpsaphostctrlsSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS
1134tcpaplxMicroAPL APLX
1134udpaplxMicroAPL APLX
1634tcploaprobeLog On America Probe
1634udploaprobeLog On America Probe
4376tcpbipBioAPI Interworking
4376udpbipBioAPI Interworking
5575tcpora-oapOracle Access Protocol
5683tcpcoapConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
5683udpcoapConstrained Application Protocol
5684tcpcoapsConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
5684udpcoapsDTLS-secured CoAP
7627tcpsoap-httpSOAP Service Port
7627udpsoap-httpSOAP Service Port
10200tcptrisoapTrigence AE Soap Service
10200udptrisoapTrigence AE Soap Service
10543tcpMOS-soapMOS SOAP Default Port
10543udpMOS-soapMOS SOAP Default Port
10544tcpMOS-soap-optMOS SOAP Optional Port
10544udpMOS-soap-optMOS SOAP Optional Port
11110tcpsgi-soapData migration facility (DMF) SOAP is a web server protocol to support remote access to DMF
16992tcpamt-soap-httpIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTP
16992udpamt-soap-httpIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTP
16993tcpamt-soap-httpsIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS
16993udpamt-soap-httpsIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS
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