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Port Number List Of Services Matching OBJECT-ACCESS-PROTOCOL-OVER-SSL

I searched my database for all services matching "object-access-protocol-over-ssl" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
76tcpdeosDistributed External Object Store
76udpdeosDistributed External Object Store
94tcpobjcallTivoli Object Dispatcher
94udpobjcallTivoli Object Dispatcher
386tcpasaASA Message Router Object Def.
386udpasaASA Message Router Object Def.
1047tcpneod1Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1047udpneod1Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1048tcpneod2Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1048udpneod2Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1085tcpwebobjectsWeb Objects
1085udpwebobjectsWeb Objects
1384tcpos-licmanObjective Solutions License Manager
1384udpos-licmanObjective Solutions License Manager
1388tcpobjective-dbcObjective Solutions DataBase Cache
1388udpobjective-dbcObjective Solutions DataBase Cache
2144tcplv-ffxLive Vault Fast Object Transfer
2144udplv-ffxLive Vault Fast Object Transfer
2485tcpnetobjects1Net Objects1
2485udpnetobjects1Net Objects1
2486tcpnetobjects2Net Objects2
2486udpnetobjects2Net Objects2
2712tcpaocpAxapta Object Communication Protocol
2712udpaocpAxapta Object Communication Protocol
3313tcpuorbUnify Object Broker
3313udpuorbUnify Object Broker
3314tcpuohostUnify Object Host
3314udpuohostUnify Object Host
3445tcpmonpMedia Object Network
3445udpmonpMedia Object Network
3635tcpsdoSimple Distributed Objects
3635udpsdoSimple Distributed Objects
3838tcpsosScito Object Server
3838udpsosScito Object Server
3896tcpsdo-tlsSimple Distributed Objects over TLS
3896udpsdo-tlsSimple Distributed Objects over TLS
3897tcpsdo-sshSimple Distributed Objects over SSH
3897udpsdo-sshSimple Distributed Objects over SSH
4396tcpflyFly Object Space
4433tcpvopVersile Object Protocol
5157tcpmediatMediat Remote Object Exchange
5464tcpquailnetQuail Networks Object Broker
5464udpquailnetQuail Networks Object Broker
7030tcpop-probeObjectPlanet probe
7030udpop-probeObjectPlanet probe
7913tcpqo-secureQuickObjects secure port
7913udpqo-secureQuickObjects secure port
10540tcpMOS-lowerMOS Media Object Metadata Port
10540udpMOS-lowerMOS Media Object Metadata Port
16619tcpxomsX509 Objects Management Service
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