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Port Number List Of Services Matching OMA-BCAST-LONG-TERM-KEY-MESSAGES

I searched my database for all services matching "oma-bcast-long-term-key-messages" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
53tcpdomainDomain Name Server
53udpdomainDomain Name Server
853tcpdomain-sDNS query-response protocol run over TLS/DTLS
853udpdomain-sDNS query-response protocol run over TLS/DTLS
1143tcpimyxInfomatryx Exchange
1143udpimyxInfomatryx Exchange
1308tcpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1308udpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1451tcpinfomanIBM Information Management
1451udpinfomanIBM Information Management
2186tcpgtauaGuy-Tek Automated Update Applications
2186udpgtauaGuy-Tek Automated Update Applications
3040tcptomato-springsTomato Springs
3040udptomato-springsTomato Springs
3474tcpttntspautoTSP Automation
3474udpttntspautoTSP Automation
3639tcpxap-haExtensible Automation
3639udpxap-haExtensible Automation
3693tcpeaslEmergency Automatic Structure Lockdown System
3865tcpxplxpl automation protocol
3865udpxplxpl automation protocol
3976tcpopswagentServer Automation Agent
3976udpopswagentServer Automation Agent
4071tcpaibkupAutomatically Incremental Backup
4071udpaibkupAutomatically Incremental Backup
4077udpascomalarmAscom IP Alarming
4090tcpomasgportOMA BCAST Service Guide
4090udpomasgportOMA BCAST Service Guide
4126tcpddreplData Domain Replication Service
4126udpddreplData Domain Replication Service
4169tcpiadtAutomation Drive Interface Transport
4359tcpomabcastltkmOMA BCAST Long-Term Key Messages
4359udpomabcastltkmOMA BCAST Long-Term Key Messages
5209tcpnomadNomad Device Video Transfer
5573tcpsdmmpSAS Domain Management Messaging Protocol
5573udpsdmmpSAS Domain Management Messaging Protocol
5814tcpspt-automationSupport Automation
5814udpspt-automationSupport Automation
5913tcpads-cAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
5913udpads-cAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
5913sctpads-cAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
6443tcpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6443udpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6480tcpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6480udpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6482tcpldoms-mgmtLogical Domains Management Interface
6482udpldoms-mgmtLogical Domains Management Interface
6484tcpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6484udpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6485tcpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6485udpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6486tcpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6486udpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6487tcpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6487udpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6488tcpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6488udpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6489tcpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
6489udpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
6679tcposautOsorno Automation
6679udposautOsorno Automation
7273tcpoma-rlpOMA Roaming Location
7273udpoma-rlpOMA Roaming Location
7274tcpoma-rlp-sOMA Roaming Location SEC
7274udpoma-rlp-sOMA Roaming Location SEC
7275tcpoma-ulpOMA UserPlane Location
7275udpoma-ulpOMA UserPlane Location
7276tcpoma-ilpOMA Internal Location Protocol
7276udpoma-ilpOMA Internal Location Protocol
7277tcpoma-ilp-sOMA Internal Location Secure Protocol
7277udpoma-ilp-sOMA Internal Location Secure Protocol
7278tcpoma-dcdocbsOMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS
7278udpoma-dcdocbsOMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS
7508tcpadcpAutomation Device Configuration Protocol
7509tcpacpltACPLT - process automation service
8101tcpldoms-migrLogical Domains Migration
8182tcpvmware-fdmVMware Fault Domain Manager
8182udpvmware-fdmVMware Fault Domain Manager
9210tcpoma-mlpOMA Mobile Location Protocol
9210udpoma-mlpOMA Mobile Location Protocol
9211tcpoma-mlp-sOMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure
9211udpoma-mlp-sOMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure
16003udpalfinAutomation and Control by REGULACE.ORG
21848tcpnetspeak-acdNetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
21848udpnetspeak-acdNetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
22335tcpshrewd-controlInitium Labs Security and Automation Control
22335udpshrewd-streamInitium Labs Security and Automation Streaming
24465tcptonidodsTonido Domain Server
24465udptonidodsTonido Domain Server
35100tcpaxio-discAxiomatic discovery protocol
35100udpaxio-discAxiomatic discovery protocol
36524tcpfebooti-awFebooti Automation Workshop
43210tcpshaperaiShaper Automation Server Management
43210udpshaperai-discShaper Automation Server Management Discovery
44544udpdomiqDOMIQ Building Automation
47808tcpbacnetBuilding Automation and Control Networks
47808udpbacnetBuilding Automation and Control Networks
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