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I searched my database for all services matching "peer-to-peer-infrastructure-protocol" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
2178tcpbitspeerPeer Services for BITS
2178udpbitspeerPeer Services for BITS
3135tcppeerbook-portPeerBook Port
3135udppeerbook-portPeerBook Port
3514tcpmust-p2pMUST Peer to Peer
3514udpmust-p2pMUST Peer to Peer
3587tcpp2pgroupPeer to Peer Grouping
3587udpp2pgroupPeer to Peer Grouping
3960tcpbessBess Peer Assessment
3960udpbessBess Peer Assessment
4033tcpsanavigatorSANavigator Peer Port
4033udpsanavigatorSANavigator Peer Port
4051tcpcppdpCisco Peer to Peer Distribution Protocol
4051udpcppdpCisco Peer to Peer Distribution Protocol
4163tcpsilverpeakpeerSilver Peak Peer Protocol
4163udpsilverpeakpeerSilver Peak Peer Protocol
4166tcpjoostJoost Peer to Peer Protocol
4166udpjoostJoost Peer to Peer Protocol
4188tcpvatataVatata Peer to Peer Protocol
4188udpvatataVatata Peer to Peer Protocol
4661tcpkar2oucheKar2ouche Peer location service
4661udpkar2oucheKar2ouche Peer location service
4747udpbuschtrommelpeer-to-peer file exchange protocol
5112tcppm-cmdsvrPeerMe Msg Cmd Service
5112udppm-cmdsvrPeerMe Msg Cmd Service
5793tcpxtreamxXtreamX Supervised Peer message
5793udpxtreamxXtreamX Supervised Peer message
5794udpspdpSimple Peered Discovery Protocol
6084tcpreload-configPeer to Peer Infrastructure Configuration
6581tcpparsec-peerParsec Peer-to-Peer
6581udpparsec-peerParsec Peer-to-Peer
8445tcpcopyPort for copy peer sync feature
36001tcpallpeersAllPeers Network
36001udpallpeersAllPeers Network
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