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I searched my database for all services matching "quest-spotlight-out-of-process-collector" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
1047tcpneod1Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1047udpneod1Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1048tcpneod2Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1048udpneod2Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1138tcpencrypted_adminencrypted admin requests
1138udpencrypted_adminencrypted admin requests
1173tcpd-cinema-rrpD-Cinema Request-Response
1173udpd-cinema-rrpD-Cinema Request-Response
1204tcpssslog-mgrLog Request Listener
1204udpssslog-mgrLog Request Listener
1363tcpndm-requesterNetwork DataMover Requester
1363udpndm-requesterNetwork DataMover Requester
2253tcpdtv-chan-reqDTV Channel Request
2253udpdtv-chan-reqDTV Channel Request
2717tcppn-requesterPN REQUESTER
2717udppn-requesterPN REQUESTER
2718tcppn-requester2PN REQUESTER 2
2718udppn-requester2PN REQUESTER 2
2947tcpgpsdGPS Daemon request/response protocol
2947udpgpsdGPS Daemon request/response protocol
3166tcpsossecollectorQuest Spotlight Out-Of-Process Collector
3166udpsossecollectorQuest Spotlight Out-Of-Process Collector
3554tcpquestnotifyQuest Notification Server
3554udpquestnotifyQuest Notification Server
3566tcpquest-data-hubQuest Data Hub
3843tcpquest-agentQuest Common Agent
3843udpquest-agentQuest Common Agent
3910tcpprnrequestPrinter Request Port
3910udpprnrequestPrinter Request Port
4136tcpcl-db-requestClassic Line Database Server Request
4136udpcl-db-requestClassic Line Database Server Request
4415tcpbrcd-vr-reqBrocade Virtual Router Request
5633tcpbeorlBE Operations Request Listener
5633udpbeorlBE Operations Request Listener
5677tcpquestdb2-lnchrQuest Central DB2 Launchr
5677udpquestdb2-lnchrQuest Central DB2 Launchr
5716tcpprosharerequestproshare conf request
5716udpprosharerequestproshare conf request
6442tcptarpTransitory Application Request Protocol
7040udpquest-discQuest application level network service discovery
7980tcpquest-vistaQuest Vista
7980udpquest-vistaQuest Vista
9060tcpCardWeb-IOCardWeb request-response I/O exchange
13930tcpmedevolveMedEvolve Port Requester
22351tcpcodemeter-cmwanTPC/IP requests of copy protection software to a server
49001tcpnusrpNuance Unity Service Request Protocol
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