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Port Number List Of Services Matching REGISTRY-A-M-PROTOCOL

I searched my database for all services matching "registry-a-m-protocol" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
648tcprrpRegistry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
648udprrpRegistry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
1099tcprmiregistryRMI Registry
1099udprmiregistryRMI Registry
2340tcpwrs_registryWRS Registry
2340udpwrs_registryWRS Registry
2410tcpvrts-registryVRTS Registry
2410udpvrts-registryVRTS Registry
3018tcpsrvc_registryService Registry
3018udpsrvc_registryService Registry
3094tcprapidmq-regJiiva RapidMQ Registry
3094udprapidmq-regJiiva RapidMQ Registry
3154tcpccmrmiON RMI Registry
3154udpccmrmiON RMI Registry
3651tcpxrpc-registryXRPC Registry
3651udpxrpc-registryXRPC Registry
3758tcpapw-registryapw RMI registry
3758udpapw-registryapw RMI registry
6443tcpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6443udpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6480tcpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6480udpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6484tcpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6484udpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6485tcpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6485udpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6486tcpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6486udpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6487tcpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6487udpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6488tcpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6488udpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6489tcpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
6489udpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
7227tcprampRegistry A & M Protocol
7227udprampRegistry A $ M Protocol
11163tcpsuncacao-rmisun cacao rmi registry access point
11163udpsuncacao-rmisun cacao rmi registry access point
11174tcpoemcacao-rmiOEM cacao rmi registry access point
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