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Port Number List Of Services Matching REMOTE-ASSISTANT-RA

I searched my database for all services matching "remote-assistant-ra" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
5tcprjeRemote Job Entry
5udprjeRemote Job Entry
50tcpre-mail-ckRemote Mail Checking Protocol
50udpre-mail-ckRemote Mail Checking Protocol
71tcpnetrjs-1Remote Job Service
71udpnetrjs-1Remote Job Service
72tcpnetrjs-2Remote Job Service
72udpnetrjs-2Remote Job Service
73tcpnetrjs-3Remote Job Service
73udpnetrjs-3Remote Job Service
74tcpnetrjs-4Remote Job Service
74udpnetrjs-4Remote Job Service
97tcpswift-rvfSwift Remote Virtural File Protocol
97udpswift-rvfSwift Remote Virtural File Protocol
107tcprtelnetRemote Telnet Service
107udprtelnetRemote Telnet Service
111tcpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
111udpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
121tcperpcEncore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
121udperpcEncore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
193tcpsrmpSpider Remote Monitoring Protocol
193udpsrmpSpider Remote Monitoring Protocol
259tcpesro-genEfficient Short Remote Operations
259udpesro-genEfficient Short Remote Operations
384tcparnsA Remote Network Server System
384udparnsA Remote Network Server System
410tcpdecladebugDECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
410udpdecladebugDECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
411tcprmtRemote MT Protocol
411udprmtRemote MT Protocol
446tcpddm-rdbDDM-Remote Relational Database Access
446udpddm-rdbDDM-Remote Relational Database Access
448tcpddm-sslDDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
448udpddm-sslDDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
512tcpexecremote process execution;
513tcploginremote login a la telnet;
556tcpremotefsrfs server
556udpremotefsrfs server
623udpasf-rmcpASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
664udpasf-secure-rmcpASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
1046tcpwfremotertmWebFilter Remote Monitor
1046udpwfremotertmWebFilter Remote Monitor
1053tcpremote-asRemote Assistant (RA)
1053udpremote-asRemote Assistant (RA)
1127tcpkwdb-commnKWDB Remote Communication
1127udpkwdb-commnKWDB Remote Communication
1166tcpqsm-remoteQSM RemoteExec
1166udpqsm-remoteQSM RemoteExec
1174tcpfnet-remote-uiFlashNet Remote Admin
1174udpfnet-remote-uiFlashNet Remote Admin
1197tcpcarrius-rshellCarrius Remote Access
1197udpcarrius-rshellCarrius Remote Access
1405tcpibm-resIBM Remote Execution Starter
1405udpibm-resIBM Remote Execution Starter
1571tcprdb-dbs-dispOracle Remote Data Base
1571udprdb-dbs-dispOracle Remote Data Base
1970tcpnetop-rcNetOp Remote Control
1970udpnetop-rcNetOp Remote Control
1973tcpdlsrapData Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
1973udpdlsrapData Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
1996tcptr-rsrb-portcisco Remote SRB port
1996udptr-rsrb-portcisco Remote SRB port
2066tcpauraAVM USB Remote Architecture
2066udpauraAVM USB Remote Architecture
2122tcpcaupc-remoteCauPC Remote Control
2122udpcaupc-remoteCauPC Remote Control
2145tcplv-piciLive Vault Remote Diagnostic Console Support
2145udplv-piciLive Vault Remote Diagnostic Console Support
2159tcpgdbremoteGDB Remote Debug Port
2159udpgdbremoteGDB Remote Debug Port
2176tcprapiMicrosoft ActiveSync Remote API
2176udprapiMicrosoft ActiveSync Remote API
2198tcponehome-remoteOneHome Remote Access
2198udponehome-remoteOneHome Remote Access
2242tcpfoliocorpFolio Remote Server
2242udpfoliocorpFolio Remote Server
2395tcplan900_remoteLAN900 Remote
2395udplan900_remoteLAN900 Remote
2415tcpcodima-rtpCodima Remote Transaction Protocol
2415udpcodima-rtpCodima Remote Transaction Protocol
2420tcpdslremote-mgmtDSL Remote Management
2420udpdslremote-mgmtDSL Remote Management
2495tcpfast-rem-servFast Remote Services
2495udpfast-rem-servFast Remote Services
2773tcprbakcup1RBackup Remote Backup
2773udprbakcup1RBackup Remote Backup
2774tcprbakcup2RBackup Remote Backup
2774udprbakcup2RBackup Remote Backup
2999tcpremoteware-unRemoteWare Unassigned
2999udpremoteware-unRemoteWare Unassigned
3000tcpremoteware-clRemoteWare Client
3000udpremoteware-clRemoteWare Client
3002tcpremoteware-srvRemoteWare Server
3002udpremoteware-srvRemoteWare Server
3031tcpeppcRemote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox
3031udpeppcRemote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox
3064tcprprtRemote Port Redirector
3064udprprtRemote Port Redirector
3418tcprnmapRemote nmap
3418udprnmapRemote nmap
3422tcprusb-sys-portRemote USB System Port
3422udprusb-sys-portRemote USB System Port
3454tcpmiraApple Remote Access Protocol
3468tcpttcmremotectrlTTCM Remote Controll
3468udpttcmremotectrlTTCM Remote Controll
3472tcpjaugsremotec-1JAUGS N-G Remotec 1
3472udpjaugsremotec-1JAUGS N-G Remotec 1
3473tcpjaugsremotec-2JAUGS N-G Remotec 2
3473udpjaugsremotec-2JAUGS N-G Remotec 2
3481tcpcleanerlivercCleanerLive remote ctrl
3481udpcleanerlivercCleanerLive remote ctrl
3488tcpfs-rh-srvFS Remote Host Server
3488udpfs-rh-srvFS Remote Host Server
3513tcparcpdAdaptec Remote Protocol
3513udparcpdAdaptec Remote Protocol
3532tcpraven-rmpRaven Remote Management Control
3532udpraven-rmpRaven Remote Management Control
3533tcpraven-rdpRaven Remote Management Data
3533udpraven-rdpRaven Remote Management Data
3537tcpni-visa-remoteRemote NI-VISA port
3537udpni-visa-remoteRemote NI-VISA port
3630tcpcs-remote-dbC&S Remote Database Port
3630udpcs-remote-dbC&S Remote Database Port
3668tcpdell-rm-portDell Remote Management
3668udpdell-rm-portDell Remote Management
3752tcpvipremoteagentVigil-IP RemoteAgent
3752udpvipremoteagentVigil-IP RemoteAgent
3755tcpsas-remote-hlpSAS Remote Help Server
3755udpsas-remote-hlpSAS Remote Help Server
3765tcprtracerouteRemote Traceroute
3765udprtracerouteRemote Traceroute
3789tcpremotedeployRemoteDeploy Administration Port [July 2003]
3789udpremotedeployRemoteDeploy Administration Port [July 2003]
3806tcpwsmlbRemote System Manager
3806udpwsmlbRemote System Manager
3974tcpcitysearchRemote Applicant Tracking Service
3974udpcitysearchRemote Applicant Tracking Service
4089tcpopencoreOpenCORE Remote Control Service
4089udpopencoreOpenCORE Remote Control Service
4137tcpcl-db-remoteClassic Line Database Server Remote
4137udpcl-db-remoteClassic Line Database Server Remote
4151tcpmenandmice_nohMen & Mice Remote Control
4151udpmenandmice_nohMen & Mice Remote Control
4153tcpmbl-battdMBL Remote Battery Monitoring
4153udpmbl-battdMBL Remote Battery Monitoring
4193tcppvxplusioPxPlus remote file srvr
4320tcpfdt-rcatpFDT Remote Categorization Protocol
4320udpfdt-rcatpFDT Remote Categorization Protocol
4321tcprwhoisRemote Who Is
4321udprwhoisRemote Who Is
4373tcpremctlRemote Authenticated Command Service
4373udpremctlRemote Authenticated Command Service
4487tcpprex-tcpProtocol for Remote Execution over TCP
4672tcprfaremote file access server
4672udprfaremote file access server
4731tcpremcapRemote Capture Protocol
4845tcpwcr-remlibWordCruncher Remote Library Service
4845udpwcr-remlibWordCruncher Remote Library Service
4901tcpflr_agentFileLocator Remote Search Agent
4914tcpbonesBones Remote Control
4914udpbonesBones Remote Control
4915tcpfrcsFibics Remote Control Service
5151udpesri_sdeESRI SDE Remote Start
5157tcpmediatMediat Remote Object Exchange
5424tcpbeyond-remoteBeyond Remote
5424udpbeyond-remoteBeyond Remote
5425tcpbr-channelBeyond Remote Command Channel
5425udpbr-channelBeyond Remote Command Channel
5599tcpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5599udpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5678tcprracRemote Replication Agent Connection
5678udprracRemote Replication Agent Connection
5785tcp3par-rcopy3PAR Inform Remote Copy
5785udp3par-rcopy3PAR Inform Remote Copy
5900tcprfbRemote Framebuffer
5900udprfbRemote Framebuffer
6418tcpsyserverremoteSYserver remote commands
7009tcpafs3-rmtsysremote cache manager service
7009udpafs3-rmtsysremote cache manager service
7393tcpnfoldmannFoldMan Remote Publish
7393udpnfoldmannFoldMan Remote Publish
8184tcpitachRemote iTach Connection
8184udpitachRemote iTach Connection
9022tcpparagentPrivateArk Remote Agent
9022udpparagentPrivateArk Remote Agent
9085tcpibm-rsysconIBM Remote System Console
9085udpibm-rsysconIBM Remote System Console
9213tcpserverstartServerStart RemoteControl [August 2005]
9213udpserverstartServerStart RemoteControl [August 2005]
9535tcpmngsuiteManagement Suite Remote Control
9535udpmngsuiteManagement Suite Remote Control
9555tcptrispen-sraTrispen Secure Remote Access
9555udptrispen-sraTrispen Secure Remote Access
10201udprscsRemote Server Control and Test Service
10201tcprsmsRemote Server Management Service
16162tcpsolaris-auditSolaris Audit - secure remote audit log
23333tcpelxmgmtEmulex HBAnyware Remote Management
23333udpelxmgmtEmulex HBAnyware Remote Management
34379tcpp-net-remoteP-Net on IP remote
34379udpp-net-remoteP-Net on IP remote
44553tcprbr-debugREALbasic Remote Debug
44553udprbr-debugREALbasic Remote Debug
47001tcpwinrmWindows Remote Management Service
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