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Port Number List Of Services Matching RESOURCE-MGR

I searched my database for all services matching "resource-mgr" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
39tcprlpResource Location Protocol
39udprlpResource Location Protocol
200tcpsrcIBM System Resource Controller
200udpsrcIBM System Resource Controller
408tcpprm-smProspero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
408udpprm-smProspero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
409tcpprm-nmProspero Resource Manager Node Man.
409udpprm-nmProspero Resource Manager Node Man.
606tcpurmCray Unified Resource Manager
606udpurmCray Unified Resource Manager
1402tcpprm-sm-npProspero Resource Manager
1402udpprm-sm-npProspero Resource Manager
1403tcpprm-nm-npProspero Resource Manager
1403udpprm-nm-npProspero Resource Manager
1712tcpregistrarresource monitoring service
1712udpregistrarresource monitoring service
2135tcpgrisGrid Resource Information Server
2135udpgrisGrid Resource Information Server
2188tcpradware-rpmRadware Resource Pool Manager
2189tcpradware-rpm-sSecure Radware Resource Pool Manager
2225tcprcip-ituResource Connection Initiation Protocol
2225sctprcip-ituResource Connection Initiation Protocol
2500tcprtsservResource Tracking system server
2500udprtsservResource Tracking system server
2501tcprtsclientResource Tracking system client
2501udprtsclientResource Tracking system client
3019tcpresource_mgrResource Manager
3019udpresource_mgrResource Manager
3839tcpamx-rmsAMX Resource Management Suite
3839udpamx-rmsAMX Resource Management Suite
7932tcpt2-drmTier 2 Data Resource Manager
7932udpt2-drmTier 2 Data Resource Manager
10117tcpiqrmNetIQ IQCResource Managament Svc
10117udpiqrmNetIQ IQCResource Managament Svc
18136tcpracfz/OS Resource Access Control Facility
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