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Port Number List Of Services Matching RFA

I searched my database for all services matching "rfa" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
125tcplocus-mapLocus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
125udplocus-mapLocus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
127tcplocus-conLocus PC-Interface Conn Server
127udplocus-conLocus PC-Interface Conn Server
187tcpaciApplication Communication Interface
187udpaciApplication Communication Interface
2214tcprpiRDQ Protocol Interface
2214udprpiRDQ Protocol Interface
2377tcpswarmRPC interface for Docker Swarm
3001tcporigo-nativeOrigoDB Server Native Interface
3125tcpa13-anA13-AN Interface
3125udpa13-anA13-AN Interface
3239tcpapparenet-uiappareNet User Interface
3239udpapparenet-uiappareNet User Interface
3439tcphri-portHRI Interface Port
3439udphri-portHRI Interface Port
3628tcpept-machineEPT Machine Interface
3628udpept-machineEPT Machine Interface
3670tcpsmileSMILE TCP/UDP Interface
3670udpsmileSMILE TCP/UDP Interface
3800tcppwgpsiPrint Services Interface
3800udppwgpsiPrint Services Interface
3813tcprap-ipRhapsody Interface Protocol
3813udprap-ipRhapsody Interface Protocol
3877tcpxmpcr-interfaceXMPCR Interface Port
3877udpxmpcr-interfaceXMPCR Interface Port
3878tcpfotogcadFotoG CAD interface
3878udpfotogcadFotoG CAD interface
4169tcpiadtAutomation Drive Interface Transport
4672tcprfaremote file access server
4672udprfaremote file access server
4729udpgsmtapGSM Interface Tap
4902tcpmagiccontrolmagicCONROL RF and Data Interface
4986tcpmripModel Railway Interface Program
4986udpmripModel Railway Interface Program
5054tcprlm-adminRLM administrative interface
5197tcptunstall-lwpTunstall Lone worker device interface
5320tcpbsfserver-znWebservices-based Zn interface of BSF
5321tcpbsfsvr-zn-sslWebservices-based Zn interface of BSF over SSL
5841tcpshiprush-d-chZ-firm ShipRush interface for web access and bidirectional data
6082udpp25caiAPCO Project 25 Common Air Interface - UDP encapsulation
6159tcpefb-aciEFB Application Control Interface
6267tcpgldGridLAB-D User Interface
6482tcpldoms-mgmtLogical Domains Management Interface
6482udpldoms-mgmtLogical Domains Management Interface
6784udpbfd-lagBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) on Link Aggregation Group (LAG) Interfaces
6900tcprtimeviewerR*TIME Viewer Data Interface
7172tcpmetalbendPort used for MetalBend programmable interface
7244tcpfrc-hicpFrontRow Calypso Human Interface Control Protocol
7244udpfrc-hicp-discFrontRow Calypso Human Interface Control Protocol
7624tcpindiInstrument Neutral Distributed Interface
7624udpindiInstrument Neutral Distributed Interface
8044tcpfs-mgmtFireScope Management Interface
8153tcpquantastorQuantaStor Management Interface
8270tcprobot-remoteRobot Framework Remote Library Interface
8300tcptmiTransport Management Interface
8300udptmiTransport Management Interface
9088tcpsqlexecIBM Informix SQL Interface
9088udpsqlexecIBM Informix SQL Interface
9089tcpsqlexec-sslIBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted
9089udpsqlexec-sslIBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted
9279tcppegasus-ctlPegaus GPS System Control Interface
9279udppegasus-ctlPegaus GPS System Control Interface
9987tcpdsm-scm-targetDSM/SCM Target Interface
9987udpdsm-scm-targetDSM/SCM Target Interface
11103tcporigo-syncOrigoDB Server Sync Interface
11109tcpsgi-dmfmgrData migration facility Manager (DMF) is a browser based interface to DMF
16950tcpsgcipSimple Generic Client Interface Protocol
16950udpsgcipSimple Generic Client Interface Protocol
17223tcpisa100-gciISA100 GCI is a service utilizing a common interface between an ISA100 Wireless gateway and a client application
24322udphidTransport of Human Interface Device data streams
33060tcpmysqlxMySQL Database Extended Interface
33331tcpdiamondportDiamondCentral Interface
33331udpdiamondportDiamondCentral Interface
36423sctpslmapSLm Interface Application Protocol
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