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Port Number List Of Services Matching RID-OVER-HTTP-TLS

I searched my database for all services matching "rid-over-http-tls" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
1073tcpbridgecontrolBridge Control
1073udpbridgecontrolBridge Control
1424tcphybridHybrid Encryption Protocol
1424udphybridHybrid Encryption Protocol
1954tcpabr-apiABR-API (diskbridge)
1954udpabr-apiABR-API (diskbridge)
1955tcpabr-secureABR-Secure Data (diskbridge)
1955udpabr-secureABR-Secure Data (diskbridge)
2063tcpicg-bridgeICG Bridge Port
2063udpicg-bridgeICG Bridge Port
2135tcpgrisGrid Resource Information Server
2135udpgrisGrid Resource Information Server
2155tcpbrdptcBridge Protocol
2155udpbrdptcBridge Protocol
2275tcpibridge-dataiBridge Conferencing
2275udpibridge-dataiBridge Conferencing
2276tcpibridge-mgmtiBridge Management
2276udpibridge-mgmtiBridge Management
2640tcpami-controlAlcorn McBride Inc protocol used for device control
2640udpami-controlAlcorn McBride Inc protocol used for device control
2776tcpridgeway1Ridgeway Systems & Software
2776udpridgeway1Ridgeway Systems & Software
2777tcpridgeway2Ridgeway Systems & Software
2777udpridgeway2Ridgeway Systems & Software
3127tcpctx-bridgeCTX Bridge Port
3127udpctx-bridgeCTX Bridge Port
3530tcpgfGrid Friendly
3530udpgfGrid Friendly
3963tcpthrpTeran Hybrid Routing Protocol
3963udpthrpTeran Hybrid Routing Protocol
4096tcpbreBRE (Bridge Relay Element)
4096udpbreBRE (Bridge Relay Element)
4377tcpcp-spxsvrCambridge Pixel SPx Server
4377udpcp-spxsvrCambridge Pixel SPx Server
4378tcpcp-spxdpyCambridge Pixel SPx Display
4378udpcp-spxdpyCambridge Pixel SPx Display
4418udpaxysbridgeAXYS communication protocol
4590tcpridRID over HTTP/TLS
4876tcptritium-canTritium CAN Bus Bridge Service
4876udptritium-canTritium CAN Bus Bridge Service
5079udpcp-spxrptsCambridge Pixel SPx Reports
6201udpthermo-calcManagement of service nodes in a processing grid for thermodynamic calculations
6267tcpgldGridLAB-D User Interface
6268tcpgridGrid Authentication
6268udpgridGrid Authentication
6269tcpgrid-altGrid Authentication Alt
6269udpgrid-altGrid Authentication Alt
6444tcpsge_qmasterGrid Engine Qmaster Service
6444udpsge_qmasterGrid Engine Qmaster Service
6445tcpsge_execdGrid Engine Execution Service
6445udpsge_execdGrid Engine Execution Service
6678tcpvfbpViscount Freedom Bridge Protocol
6678udpvfbp-discViscount Freedom Bridge Discovery
7080tcpempoweridEmpowerID Communication
7080udpempoweridEmpowerID Communication
7169tcpccag-pibConsequor Consulting Process Integration Bridge
7169udpccag-pibConsequor Consulting Process Integration Bridge
7727tcptrident-dataTrident Systems Data
7727udptrident-dataTrident Systems Data
9007udpogs-clientOpen Grid Services Client
9008tcpogs-serverOpen Grid Services Server
9925tcpxybrid-cloudXYBRID Cloud
9978tcpxybrid-rtXYBRID RT Server
12300tcplinogridengineLinoGrid Engine
12300udplinogridengineLinoGrid Engine
19000tcpigridiGrid Server
19000udpigridiGrid Server
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