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Port Number List Of Services Matching RIS

I searched my database for all services matching "ris" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
359tcpnsrmpNetwork Security Risk Management Protocol
359udpnsrmpNetwork Security Risk Management Protocol
702tcpiris-beepIRIS over BEEP
702udpiris-beepIRIS over BEEP
713tcpiris-xpcIRIS over XPC
713udpiris-xpcIRIS over XPC
714tcpiris-xpcsIRIS over XPCS
714udpiris-xpcsIRIS over XPCS
748tcpris-cmRussell Info Sci Calendar Manager
748udpris-cmRussell Info Sci Calendar Manager
1139tcpevmEnterprise Virtual Manager
1139udpevmEnterprise Virtual Manager
1942tcpresReal Enterprise Service
1942udpresReal Enterprise Service
2135tcpgrisGrid Resource Information Server
2135udpgrisGrid Resource Information Server
2193tcpdrwcsDr.Web Enterprise Management Service
2193udpdrwcsDr.Web Enterprise Management Service
2249tcprfmpRISO File Manager Protocol
2249udprfmpRISO File Manager Protocol
2804tcpdvr-esmMarch Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2804udpdvr-esmMarch Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2977tcpttc-etap-nsTTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
2977udpttc-etap-nsTTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
2978tcpttc-etap-dsTTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
2978udpttc-etap-dsTTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
3021tcpagriserverAGRI Server
3021udpagriserverAGRI Server
3133tcpprism-deployPrism Deploy User Port
3133udpprism-deployPrism Deploy User Port
3263tcpecolor-imagerE-Color Enterprise Imager
3263udpecolor-imagerE-Color Enterprise Imager
3383tcpesp-lmEnterprise Software Products License Manager
3383udpesp-lmEnterprise Software Products License Manager
3421tcpbmapBull Apprise portmapper
3421udpbmapBull Apprise portmapper
3490tcpcolubrisColubris Management Port
3490udpcolubrisColubris Management Port
3585tcpemprise-llsEmprise License Server
3585udpemprise-llsEmprise License Server
3586tcpemprise-lscLicense Server Console
3586udpemprise-lscLicense Server Console
3613tcpalaris-discAlaris Device Discovery
3613udpalaris-discAlaris Device Discovery
3650tcpprismiq-pluginPRISMIQ VOD plug-in
3650udpprismiq-pluginPRISMIQ VOD plug-in
3665tcpent-engineEnterprise Engine Port
3665udpent-engineEnterprise Engine Port
3712tcpsentinel-entSentinel Enterprise
3712udpsentinel-entSentinel Enterprise
3957tcpmqe-brokerMQEnterprise Broker
3957udpmqe-brokerMQEnterprise Broker
3958tcpmqe-agentMQEnterprise Agent
3958udpmqe-agentMQEnterprise Agent
4569tcpiaxInter-Asterisk eXchange
4569udpiaxInter-Asterisk eXchange
5032tcpsignacert-agentSignaCert Enterprise Trust Server Agent
5114tcpev-servicesEnterprise Vault Services
5599tcpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5599udpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5600tcpesmmanagerEnterprise Security Manager
5600udpesmmanagerEnterprise Security Manager
5601tcpesmagentEnterprise Security Agent
5601udpesmagentEnterprise Security Agent
7181udpjanus-discJanus Guidewire Enterprise Discovery Service Bus
7473tcpriseRise: The Vieneo Province
7473udpriseRise: The Vieneo Province
7683tcpdmtCleondris DMT
7738tcpaiagentHP Enterprise Discovery Agent
7738udpaiagentHP Enterprise Discovery Agent
8004tcpp2pevolvenetOpensource Evolv Enterprise Platform P2P Network Node Connection Protocol
8282tcplibelleLibelle EnterpriseBus
8282udplibelle-discLibelle EnterpriseBus discovery
8423tcparittsAristech text-to-speech server
8778tcpuecStonebranch Universal Enterprise Controller
9555tcptrispen-sraTrispen Secure Remote Access
9555udptrispen-sraTrispen Secure Remote Access
10200tcptrisoapTrigence AE Soap Service
10200udptrisoapTrigence AE Soap Service
12000tcpentextxidIBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
12000udpentextxidIBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
12001tcpentextnetwkIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
12001udpentextnetwkIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
12002tcpentexthighIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
12002udpentexthighIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
12003tcpentextmedIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
12003udpentextmedIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
12004tcpentextlowIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
12004udpentextlowIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
15999tcpprogrammarProGrammar Enterprise
16161tcpsun-sea-portSolaris SEA Port
16161udpsun-sea-portSolaris SEA Port
16162tcpsolaris-auditSolaris Audit - secure remote audit log
45678tcpebaEBA PRISE
45678udpebaEBA PRISE
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