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Port Number List Of Services Matching RPC

I searched my database for all services matching "rpc" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
111tcpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
111udpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
121tcperpcEncore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
121udperpcEncore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
593tcphttp-rpc-epmapHTTP RPC Ep Map
593udphttp-rpc-epmapHTTP RPC Ep Map
602tcpxmlrpc-beepXML-RPC over BEEP
602udpxmlrpc-beepXML-RPC over BEEP
1035tcpmxxrloginMX-XR RPC
1035udpmxxrloginMX-XR RPC
2374tcphydraHydra RPC
2377tcpswarmRPC interface for Docker Swarm
2786tcpaic-oncrpcaic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
2786udpaic-oncrpcaic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
3347tcpphoenix-rpcPhoenix RPC
3347udpphoenix-rpcPhoenix RPC
3446tcp3comfaxrpc3Com FAX RPC port
3446udp3comfaxrpc3Com FAX RPC port
3479tcptwrpc2Wire RPC
3479udptwrpc2Wire RPC
3651tcpxrpc-registryXRPC Registry
3651udpxrpc-registryXRPC Registry
3954tcpadrepAD Replication RPC
3954udpadrepAD Replication RPC
4774tcpconvergeConverge RPC
5063tcpcsrpccentrify secure RPC
5474udpapsolab-rpcThe Apsolab company's status query protocol
5780tcpvts-rpcVisual Tag System RPC
6515tcpelipse-recElipse RPC Protocol
6515udpelipse-recElipse RPC Protocol
8117tcppurityrpcPurity replication clustering and remote management
9005tcpgolemGolem Inter-System RPC
9080tcpglrpcGroove GLRPC
9080udpglrpcGroove GLRPC
32769tcpfilenet-rpcFilenet RPC
32769udpfilenet-rpcFilenet RPC
42510tcpcaerpcCA eTrust RPC
42510udpcaerpcCA eTrust RPC
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