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Port Number List Of Services Matching SAGE-BEST-CONFIG-SERVER-2

I searched my database for all services matching "sage-best-config-server-2" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
18tcpmspMessage Send Protocol (historic)
18udpmspMessage Send Protocol (historic)
45tcpmpmMessage Processing Module [recv]
45udpmpmMessage Processing Module [recv]
143tcpimapInternet Message Access Protocol
143udpimapInternet Message Access Protocol
157tcpknet-cmpKNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
157udpknet-cmpKNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
218tcpmppNetix Message Posting Protocol
218udpmppNetix Message Posting Protocol
270udpgistQ-mode encapsulation for GIST messages
386tcpasaASA Message Router Object Def.
386udpasaASA Message Router Object Def.
465tcpsubmissionsMessage Submission over TLS protocol
512udpbiffused by mail system to notify users of new mail received; currently receives messages only from processes on the same machine
587tcpsubmissionMessage Submission
587udpsubmissionMessage Submission
716udppanaPANA Messages
1038tcpmtqpMessage Tracking Query Protocol
1038udpmtqpMessage Tracking Query Protocol
1090tcpff-fmsFF Fieldbus Message Specification
1090udpff-fmsFF Fieldbus Message Specification
1141tcpmxomssUser Message Service
1141udpmxomssUser Message Service
1801tcpmsmqMicrosoft Message Que
1801udpmsmqMicrosoft Message Que
1883tcpmqttMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol
1883udpmqttMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol
2228tcpehome-mseHome Message Server
2228udpehome-mseHome Message Server
2311tcpmessageserviceMessage Service
2311udpmessageserviceMessage Service
2874tcpdxmessagebase1DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2874udpdxmessagebase1DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875tcpdxmessagebase2DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875udpdxmessagebase2DX Message Base Transport Protocol
3098tcpumm-portUniversal Message Manager
3098udpumm-portUniversal Message Manager
3518tcpartifact-msgArtifact Message Server
3518udpartifact-msgArtifact Message Server
3967tcpppsmsPPS Message Service
3967udpppsmsPPS Message Service
3969tcplandmarksLandmark Messages
3969udplandmarksLandmark Messages
4056tcplmsLocation Message Service
4056udplmsLocation Message Service
4075tcpperimlanISC Alarm Message Service
4075udpperimlanISC Alarm Message Service
4085tcpezmessagesrvEZNews Newsroom Message Service
4130tcpfronetFRONET message protocol
4130udpfronetFRONET message protocol
4359tcpomabcastltkmOMA BCAST Long-Term Key Messages
4359udpomabcastltkmOMA BCAST Long-Term Key Messages
4405tcpds-mailASIGRA Televaulting Message Level Restore service
4405udpds-mailASIGRA Televaulting Message Level Restore service
4454tcpnssagentmgrNSS Agent Manager
4454udpnssagentmgrNSS Agent Manager
4486tcpicmsIntegrated Client Message Service
4486udpicmsIntegrated Client Message Service
4662tcpomsOrbitNet Message Service
4662udpomsOrbitNet Message Service
4663tcpnoteitNote It! Message Service
4663udpnoteitNote It! Message Service
4665tcpcontclientmsContainer Client Message Service
4665udpcontclientmsContainer Client Message Service
4666tcpeportcommE-Port Message Service
4666udpeportcommE-Port Message Service
4690tcppreludePrelude IDS message proto
4690udppreludePrelude IDS message proto
4969tcpccss-qmmCCSS QMessageMonitor
4969udpccss-qmmCCSS QMessageMonitor
5031udpdmpDirect Message Protocol
5048tcptexaiTexai Message Service
5106tcpactifioudsagentActifio UDS Agent
5445tcpsmbdirectServer Message Block over Remote Direct Memory Access
5445sctpsmbdirectServer Message Block over Remote Direct Memory Access
5550tcpcbusModel Railway control using the CBUS message protocol
5580tcptmosms0T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 0
5580udptmosms0T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 0
5581tcptmosms1T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 1
5581udptmosms1T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 1
5582tcpfac-restoreT-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 3
5582udpfac-restoreT-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 3
5583tcptmo-icon-syncT-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 2
5583udptmo-icon-syncT-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 2
5634tcpxprtldSF Message Service
5634udpxprtldSF Message Service
5673tcpjmsJACL Message Server
5673udpjmsJACL Message Server
5793tcpxtreamxXtreamX Supervised Peer message
5793udpxtreamxXtreamX Supervised Peer message
6417tcpfaxcomserviceFaxcom Message Service
6417udpfaxcomserviceFaxcom Message Service
6656tcpemgmsgEmergency Message Control Service
6687tcpclever-ctraceCleverView for cTrace Message Service
6688tcpclever-tcpipCleverView for TCP/IP Message Service
6690tcpcleverdetectCLEVERDetect Message Service
7071tcpiwg1IWGADTS Aircraft Housekeeping Message
7071udpiwg1IWGADTS Aircraft Housekeeping Message
7878tcpowmsOpswise Message Service
8500tcpfmtpFlight Message Transfer Protocol
8500udpfmtpFlight Message Transfer Protocol
8501udpcmtp-avCYTEL Message Transfer Audio and Video
8501tcpcmtp-mgtCYTEL Message Transfer Management
8502tcpftnmtpFTN Message Transfer Protocol
8786tcpmsgclntMessage Client
8786udpmsgclntMessage Client
8787tcpmsgsrvrMessage Server
8787udpmsgsrvrMessage Server
9594tcpmsgsysMessage System
9594udpmsgsysMessage System
9694tcpclient-wakeupT-Mobile Client Wakeup Message
9694udpclient-wakeupT-Mobile Client Wakeup Message
13819tcpdsmcc-sessionDSMCC Session Messages
13819udpdsmcc-sessionDSMCC Session Messages
13820tcpdsmcc-passthruDSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
13820udpdsmcc-passthruDSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
14033tcpsage-best-com1sage Best! Config Server 1
14033udpsage-best-com1sage Best! Config Server 1
14034tcpsage-best-com2sage Best! Config Server 2
14034udpsage-best-com2sage Best! Config Server 2
17225tcptrdp-mdTrain Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP) Message Data
17225udptrdp-mdTrain Realtime Data Protocol (TRDP) Message Data
20046tcptmophl7mtsTMOP HL7 Message Transfer Service
20046udptmophl7mtsTMOP HL7 Message Transfer Service
20480tcpemwavemsgemWave Message Service
20480udpemwavemsgemWave Message Service
24676tcpcanditvCanditv Message Service
24676udpcanditvCanditv Message Service
29167tcpotmpObTools Message Protocol
29167udpotmpObTools Message Protocol
38202tcpfairviewFairview Message Service
38202udpfairviewFairview Message Service
47000tcpmbusMessage Bus
47000udpmbusMessage Bus
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