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Port Number List Of Services Matching SECURE-UP-LINK-GATEWAY-PROTOCOL

I searched my database for all services matching "secure-up-link-gateway-protocol" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
22tcpsshThe Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
22udpsshThe Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
257tcpsetSecure Electronic Transaction
257udpsetSecure Electronic Transaction
400tcposb-sdOracle Secure Backup
400udposb-sdOracle Secure Backup
448tcpddm-sslDDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
448udpddm-sslDDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
664udpasf-secure-rmcpASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
664tcpoob-ws-httpsDMTF out-of-band secure web services management protocol
802tcpmbap-sModbus Application Protocol Secure
802udpmbap-sModbus Application Protocol Secure
1036tcpnsstpNebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
1036udpnsstpNebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
1300tcph323hostcallscH.323 Secure Call Control Signalling
1300udph323hostcallscH.323 Secure Call Control Signalling
1898tcpcymtec-portCymtec secure management
1898udpcymtec-portCymtec secure management
1905tcpsugpSecure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
1905udpsugpSecure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
1955tcpabr-secureABR-Secure Data (diskbridge)
1955udpabr-secureABR-Secure Data (diskbridge)
2083tcpradsecSecure Radius Service
2083udpradsecSecure Radius Service
2163tcpnavisphere-secNavisphere Secure
2163udpnavisphere-secNavisphere Secure
2172tcpmsfw-s-storageMS Firewall SecureStorage
2172udpmsfw-s-storageMS Firewall SecureStorage
2189tcpradware-rpm-sSecure Radware Resource Pool Manager
2271tcpmmcalsSecure Meeting Maker Scheduling
2271udpmmcalsSecure Meeting Maker Scheduling
2949tcpwap-pushsecureWAP PUSH SECURE
2949udpwap-pushsecureWAP PUSH SECURE
2998tcprealsecureReal Secure
2998udprealsecureReal Secure
3211tcpavsecuremgmtAvocent Secure Management
3211udpavsecuremgmtAvocent Secure Management
3432tcposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3432udposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3480tcpplethoraSecure Virtual Workspace
3480udpplethoraSecure Virtual Workspace
3550tcpssmppSecure SMPP
3550udpssmppSecure SMPP
3568tcpdof-tunnel-secDOF Secure Tunnel
3568udpdof-tunnel-secDOF Secure Tunnel
3658tcpps-amsPlayStation AMS (Secure)
3658udpps-amsPlayStation AMS (Secure)
3688tcpsimple-push-ssimple-push Secure
3688udpsimple-push-ssimple-push Secure
3707tcprt-event-sReal-Time Event Secure Port
3707udprt-event-sReal-Time Event Secure Port
3782tcpiso-tp0sSecure ISO TP0 port
3782udpiso-tp0sSecure ISO TP0 port
3978tcpsecure-cfg-svrSecured Configuration Server
3978udpsecure-cfg-svrSecured Configuration Server
4036tcpwap-push-httpsWAP Push OTA-HTTP secure
4036udpwap-push-httpsWAP Push OTA-HTTP secure
4311tcpp6ssmcP6R Secure Server Management Console
4423tcpthingkitthingkit secure mesh
4605tcpsixchatDirect End to End Secure Chat Protocol
5033tcpjtnetd-serverJanstor Secure Data
5063tcpcsrpccentrify secure RPC
5102tcpoms-nonsecureOracle OMS non-secure
5102udpoms-nonsecureOracle OMS non-secure
5145tcprmonitor_secureRMONITOR SECURE
5145udprmonitor_secureRMONITOR SECURE
5358tcpwsdapi-sWS for Devices Secured
5358udpwsdapi-sWS for Devices Secured
5361tcpms-s-sideshowSecure Protocol for Windows SideShow
5361udpms-s-sideshowSecure Protocol for Windows SideShow
5401tcpexcerptsExcerpt Search Secure
5401udpexcerptsExcerpt Search Secure
5471tcpapsolab-colsThe Apsolab company's secure data collection protocol (native api)
5473tcpapsolab-tagsThe Apsolab company's secure dynamic tag protocol
5567tcpdof-dps-mc-secDOF Protocol Stack Multicast/Secure Transport
5567udpdof-dps-mc-secDOF Protocol Stack Multicast/Secure Transport
5597tcpininmessaginginin secure messaging
5597udpininmessaginginin secure messaging
5684udpcoapsDTLS-secured CoAP
5726tcpms-ilm-stsMicrosoft Lifecycle Manager Secure Token Service
5767tcps-openmailOpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)
5767udps-openmailOpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)
5770tcpspramsdx509solutions Secure Data
5770udpspramsdx509solutions Secure Data
6817tcppentbox-simPenTBox Secure IM Protocol
7173tcpzsecurezSecure Server
7277tcpoma-ilp-sOMA Internal Location Secure Protocol
7277udpoma-ilp-sOMA Internal Location Secure Protocol
7700tcpem7-secomEM7 Secure Communications
7801tcpssp-clientSecure Server Protocol - client
7801udpssp-clientSecure Server Protocol - client
7903tcptnos-dpsTNOS Secure DiaguardProtocol
7903udptnos-dpsTNOS Secure DiaguardProtocol
7913tcpqo-secureQuickObjects secure port
7913udpqo-secureQuickObjects secure port
8883tcpsecure-mqttSecure MQTT
8883udpsecure-mqttSecure MQTT
9010tcpsdrSecure Data Replicator Protocol
9023tcpswa-1Secure Web Access - 1
9023udpswa-1Secure Web Access - 1
9024tcpswa-2Secure Web Access - 2
9024udpswa-2Secure Web Access - 2
9025tcpswa-3Secure Web Access - 3
9025udpswa-3Secure Web Access - 3
9026tcpswa-4Secure Web Access - 4
9026udpswa-4Secure Web Access - 4
9202tcpwap-wsp-sWAP secure connectionless session service
9202udpwap-wsp-sWAP secure connectionless session service
9203tcpwap-wsp-wtp-sWAP secure session service
9203udpwap-wsp-wtp-sWAP secure session service
9206tcpwap-vcard-sWAP vCard Secure
9206udpwap-vcard-sWAP vCard Secure
9207tcpwap-vcal-sWAP vCal Secure
9207udpwap-vcal-sWAP vCal Secure
9211tcpoma-mlp-sOMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure
9211udpoma-mlp-sOMA Mobile Location Protocol Secure
9318tcpsecure-tsPKIX TimeStamp over TLS
9318udpsecure-tsPKIX TimeStamp over TLS
9555tcptrispen-sraTrispen Secure Remote Access
9555udptrispen-sraTrispen Secure Remote Access
9988tcpnsesrvrSoftware Essentials Secure HTTP server
11489tcpasgcypresstcpsASG Cypress Secure Only
16162tcpsolaris-auditSolaris Audit - secure remote audit log
17234tcpintegrius-stpIntegrius Secure Tunnel Protocol
17234udpintegrius-stpIntegrius Secure Tunnel Protocol
17756tcpzigbee-ipsZigBee IP Transport Secure Service
17756udpzigbee-ipsZigBee IP Transport Secure Service
19194tcpua-secureagentUserAuthority SecureAgent
19194udpua-secureagentUserAuthority SecureAgent
19998tcpiec-104-secIEC 60870-5-104 process control - secure
19999tcpdnp-secDistributed Network Protocol - Secure
19999udpdnp-secDistributed Network Protocol - Secure
22343tcpcis-secureCompactIS Secure Tunnel
22343udpcis-secureCompactIS Secure Tunnel
30000tcpndmpsSecure Network Data Management Protocol
31016tcpka-sddpKollective Agent Secure Distributed Delivery Protocol
41796tcpcrestron-cipsCrestron Secure Control Port
41797tcpcrestron-ctpsCrestron Secure Terminal Port
44123tcpz-wave-tunnelZ-Wave Secure Tunnel
45001tcpasmpsNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (secure data transfer)
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