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I searched my database for all services matching "security-encapsulation-protocol-sep" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
333tcptexarTexar Security Port
333udptexarTexar Security Port
359tcpnsrmpNetwork Security Risk Management Protocol
359udpnsrmpNetwork Security Risk Management Protocol
582tcpscc-securitySCC Security
582udpscc-securitySCC Security
1438tcpeicon-serverEicon Security Agent/Server
1438udpeicon-serverEicon Security Agent/Server
2089tcpsepSecurity Encapsulation Protocol - SEP
2089udpsepSecurity Encapsulation Protocol - SEP
3047tcphlserverFast Security HL Server
3047udphlserverFast Security HL Server
3435tcppacomPacom Security User Port
3435udppacomPacom Security User Port
3495tcpseclayer-tcpsecuritylayer over tcp
3495udpseclayer-tcpsecuritylayer over tcp
3496tcpseclayer-tlssecuritylayer over tls
3496udpseclayer-tlssecuritylayer over tls
4078tcpcsspCoordinated Security Service Protocol
4159tcpnssNetwork Security Service
4159udpnssNetwork Security Service
4537tcpwssauthsvcWSS Security Service
4537udpwssauthsvcWSS Security Service
5599tcpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5599udpesinstallEnterprise Security Remote Install
5600tcpesmmanagerEnterprise Security Manager
5600udpesmmanagerEnterprise Security Manager
5601tcpesmagentEnterprise Security Agent
5601udpesmagentEnterprise Security Agent
5992tcpconsul-insightConsul InSight Security
5992udpconsul-insightConsul InSight Security
6344tcpstreletzArgus-Spectr security and fire-prevention systems service
6689tcptsaTofino Security Appliance
6689udptsaTofino Security Appliance
7872udpmipv6tlsTLS-based Mobile IPv6 Security
11171udpsnssSurgical Notes Security Service Discovery (SNSS)
16789tcpcadsisvrThis server provides callable services to mainframe External Security Managers from any TCP/IP platform
22335tcpshrewd-controlInitium Labs Security and Automation Control
22335udpshrewd-streamInitium Labs Security and Automation Streaming
38865tcpsecrmmsafecopyaSecurity approval process for use of the secRMM SafeCopy program
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