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Port Number List Of Services Matching SF-LICENSE-MANAGER-SENTINEL

I searched my database for all services matching "sf-license-manager-sentinel" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
20tcpftp-dataFile Transfer [Default Data]
20udpftp-dataFile Transfer [Default Data]
21tcpftpFile Transfer Protocol [Control]
21udpftpFile Transfer Protocol [Control]
25tcpsmtpSimple Mail Transfer
25udpsmtpSimple Mail Transfer
69tcptftpTrivial File Transfer
69udptftpTrivial File Transfer
115tcpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
115udpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
119tcpnntpNetwork News Transfer Protocol
119udpnntpNetwork News Transfer Protocol
152tcpbftpBackground File Transfer Program
152udpbftpBackground File Transfer Program
209tcpqmtpThe Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
209udpqmtpThe Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
394tcpembl-ndtEMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
394udpembl-ndtEMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
451tcpsfs-smp-netCray Network Semaphore server
451udpsfs-smp-netCray Network Semaphore server
452tcpsfs-configCray SFS config server
452udpsfs-configCray SFS config server
487tcpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
487udpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
608tcpsift-uftSender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
608udpsift-uftSender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
623udpasf-rmcpASF Remote Management and Control Protocol
664udpasf-secure-rmcpASF Secure Remote Management and Control Protocol
690tcpvatpVelneo Application Transfer Protocol
690udpvatpVelneo Application Transfer Protocol
1036tcpnsstpNebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
1036udpnsstpNebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
1045tcpfpitpFingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
1045udpfpitpFingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
1115tcpardus-trnsARDUS Transfer
1115udpardus-trnsARDUS Transfer
1117tcpardus-mtrnsARDUS Multicast Transfer
1117udpardus-mtrnsARDUS Multicast Transfer
1120tcpbnetfileBattle.net File Transfer Protocol
1120udpbnetfileBattle.net File Transfer Protocol
1146tcpaudit-transferaudit transfer
1146udpaudit-transferaudit transfer
1195tcprsf-1RSF-1 clustering
1195udprsf-1RSF-1 clustering
1798tcpetpEvent Transfer Protocol
1798udpetpEvent Transfer Protocol
1818tcpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1818udpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
2144tcplv-ffxLive Vault Fast Object Transfer
2144udplv-ffxLive Vault Fast Object Transfer
2171tcpmsfw-storageMS Firewall Storage
2171udpmsfw-storageMS Firewall Storage
2172tcpmsfw-s-storageMS Firewall SecureStorage
2172udpmsfw-s-storageMS Firewall SecureStorage
2173tcpmsfw-replicaMS Firewall Replication
2173udpmsfw-replicaMS Firewall Replication
2174tcpmsfw-arrayMS Firewall Intra Array
2174udpmsfw-arrayMS Firewall Intra Array
2255tcpvrtpVRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol
2255udpvrtpVRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol
2257tcpsimple-tx-rxsimple text/file transfer
2257udpsimple-tx-rxsimple text/file transfer
2315tcpprecise-sftPrecise Sft.
2315udpprecise-sftPrecise Sft.
2328tcpnetrix-sftmNetrix SFTM
2328udpnetrix-sftmNetrix SFTM
2443tcppowerclientcsfPowerClient Central Storage Facility
2443udppowerclientcsfPowerClient Central Storage Facility
2529tcputsftpUTS FTP
2529udputsftpUTS FTP
2922tcpcesdcdtrnCESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
2922udpcesdcdtrnCESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
3088tcpxdtpeXtensible Data Transfer Protocol
3088udpxdtpeXtensible Data Transfer Protocol
3230tcpsftdst-portSoftware Distributor Port
3230udpsftdst-portSoftware Distributor Port
3268tcpmsft-gcMicrosoft Global Catalog
3268udpmsft-gcMicrosoft Global Catalog
3269tcpmsft-gc-sslMicrosoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
3269udpmsft-gc-sslMicrosoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
3486tcpifsf-hb-portIFSF Heartbeat Port
3486udpifsf-hb-portIFSF Heartbeat Port
3487tcpltctcpLISA TCP Transfer Channel
3487udpltcudpLISA UDP Transfer Channel
3847tcpmsfw-controlMS Firewall Control
3847udpmsfw-controlMS Firewall Control
4047tcpctp-stateContext Transfer Protocol
4047udpctp-stateContext Transfer Protocol
4060tcpdsmeter_iatcDSMETER Inter-Agent Transfer Channel
4060udpdsmeter_iatcDSMETER Inter-Agent Transfer Channel
4115tcpcdsCDS Transfer Agent
4115udpcdsCDS Transfer Agent
4546tcpsf-lmSF License Manager (Sentinel)
4546udpsf-lmSF License Manager (Sentinel)
4554tcpmsfrsMS FRS Replication
4554udpmsfrsMS FRS Replication
4670tcplightLight packets transfer protocol
4670udplightLight packets transfer protocol
4671tcpacterBull RSF action server
4671udpacterBull RSF action server
5091sctpcxtpContext Transfer Protocol
5116udpemb-proj-cmdEPSON Projecter Image Transfer
5209tcpnomadNomad Device Video Transfer
5229tcpjaxflowNetflow/IPFIX/sFlow Collector and Forwarder Management
5320tcpbsfserver-znWebservices-based Zn interface of BSF
5321tcpbsfsvr-zn-sslWebservices-based Zn interface of BSF over SSL
5629tcpsymantec-sfdbSymantec Storage Foundation for Database
5629udpsymantec-sfdbSymantec Storage Foundation for Database
5634tcpxprtldSF Message Service
5634udpxprtldSF Message Service
5635tcpsfmssoSFM Authentication Subsystem
5636tcpsfm-db-serverSFMdb - SFM DB server
5682udpbrightcoreBrightCore control & data transfer exchange
5693tcprbsystemRobert Bosch Data Transfer
6076tcpmsft-dpm-certMicrosoft DPM WCF Certificates
6343tcpsflowsFlow traffic monitoring
6343udpsflowsFlow traffic monitoring
6655tcppcs-sf-ui-manPC SOFT - Software factory UI/manager
7117tcprothagaEncrypted chat and file transfer service
7542tcpsaratogaSaratoga Transfer Protocol
7542udpsaratogaSaratoga Transfer Protocol
7743tcpsstp-1Sakura Script Transfer Protocol
7743udpsstp-1Sakura Script Transfer Protocol
8148tcpisddi-SDD file transfer
8148udpisddi-SDD file transfer
8500tcpfmtpFlight Message Transfer Protocol
8500udpfmtpFlight Message Transfer Protocol
8501udpcmtp-avCYTEL Message Transfer Audio and Video
8501tcpcmtp-mgtCYTEL Message Transfer Management
8502tcpftnmtpFTN Message Transfer Protocol
9388tcpd2ddatatransD2D Data Transfer Service
9390tcpotpOpenVAS Transfer Protocol
9418tcpgitgit pack transfer service
9418udpgitgit pack transfer service
9640tcppqsflowsProQueSys Flows Service
9801tcpsstp-2Sakura Script Transfer Protocol-2
9801udpsstp-2Sakura Script Transfer Protocol-2
14000tcpscotty-ftSCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
14000udpscotty-ftSCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
15740tcpptpPicture Transfer Protocol
15740udpptpPicture Transfer Protocol
20046tcptmophl7mtsTMOP HL7 Message Transfer Service
20046udptmophl7mtsTMOP HL7 Message Transfer Service
20057tcpavesterraAvesTerra Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP)
22537tcpcaldsoft-backupCaldSoft Backup server file transfer
37601tcpeftpEpipole File Transfer Protocol
45000tcpasmpNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (data transfer)
45001tcpasmpsNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (secure data transfer)
48050tcpweandsfWeFi Access Network Discovery and Selection Function
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