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Port Number List Of Services Matching SUN-APP-SVR-IIOPCLNTAUTH

I searched my database for all services matching "sun-app-svr-iiopclntauth" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
111tcpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
111udpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
600tcpipcserverSun IPC server
600udpipcserverSun IPC server
665tcpsun-drSun DR
665udpsun-drSun DR
1047tcpneod1Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1047udpneod1Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1048tcpneod2Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1048udpneod2Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
1097tcpsunclustermgrSun Cluster Manager
1097udpsunclustermgrSun Cluster Manager
1834tcpardusuniARDUS Unicast
1834udpardusuniARDUS Unicast
1860tcpsunscalar-svcSunSCALAR Services
1860udpsunscalar-svcSunSCALAR Services
1870tcpsunscalar-dnsSunSCALAR DNS Service
1870udpsunscalar-dnsSunSCALAR DNS Service
2049tcpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2049udpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2084tcpsunclustergeoSunCluster Geographic
2084udpsunclustergeoSunCluster Geographic
3708tcpsun-as-iiopsSun App Svr - Naming
3708udpsun-as-iiopsSun App Svr - Naming
3808tcpsun-as-iiops-caSun App Svr-IIOPClntAuth
3808udpsun-as-iiops-caSun App Svr-IIOPClntAuth
3816tcpsunlps-httpSun Local Patch Server
3816udpsunlps-httpSun Local Patch Server
3866tcpdzdaemonSun SDViz DZDAEMON Port
3866udpdzdaemonSun SDViz DZDAEMON Port
3867tcpdzoglserverSun SDViz DZOGLSERVER Port
3867udpdzoglserverSun SDViz DZOGLSERVER Port
3934tcpsunfm-portPL/B File Manager Port
3934udpsunfm-portPL/B File Manager Port
4010tcpsamsung-unidexSamsung Unidex
4010udpsamsung-unidexSamsung Unidex
4850tcpsun-as-nodeagtSun App Server - NA
4850udpsun-as-nodeagtSun App Server - NA
5306tcpsun-mc-grpSun MC Group
5306udpsun-mc-grpSun MC Group
6443tcpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6443udpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6480tcpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6480udpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6484tcpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6484udpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6485tcpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6485udpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6486tcpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6486udpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6487tcpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6487udpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6488tcpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6488udpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6489tcpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
6489udpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
6777tcpntz-trackernetTsunami Tracker
6778tcpntz-p2p-storagenetTsunami p2p storage system
6786tcpsmc-jmxSun Java Web Console JMX
6786udpsmc-jmxSun Java Web Console JMX
6787tcpsmc-adminSun Web Console Admin
6787udpsmc-adminSun Web Console Admin
7588tcpsun-lmSun License Manager
7588udpsun-lmSun License Manager
7677tcpsun-user-httpsSun App Server - HTTPS
7677udpsun-user-httpsSun App Server - HTTPS
8081tcpsunproxyadminSun Proxy Admin Service
8081udpsunproxyadminSun Proxy Admin Service
8686tcpsun-as-jmxrmiSun App Server - JMX/RMI
8686udpsun-as-jmxrmiSun App Server - JMX/RMI
8800tcpsunwebadminSun Web Server Admin Service
8800udpsunwebadminSun Web Server Admin Service
8989tcpsunwebadminsSun Web Server SSL Admin Service
8989udpsunwebadminsSun Web Server SSL Admin Service
9191tcpsun-as-jpdaSun AppSvr JPDA
9191udpsun-as-jpdaSun AppSvr JPDA
9400tcpsec-t4net-srvSamsung Twain for Network Server
9400udpsec-t4net-srvSamsung Twain for Network Server
9401tcpsec-t4net-cltSamsung Twain for Network Client
9401udpsec-t4net-cltSamsung Twain for Network Client
9402tcpsec-pc2fax-srvSamsung PC2FAX for Network Server
9402udpsec-pc2fax-srvSamsung PC2FAX for Network Server
11161tcpsuncacao-snmpsun cacao snmp access point
11161udpsuncacao-snmpsun cacao snmp access point
11162tcpsuncacao-jmxmpsun cacao JMX-remoting access point
11162udpsuncacao-jmxmpsun cacao JMX-remoting access point
11163tcpsuncacao-rmisun cacao rmi registry access point
11163udpsuncacao-rmisun cacao rmi registry access point
11164tcpsuncacao-csasun cacao command-streaming access point
11164udpsuncacao-csasun cacao command-streaming access point
11165tcpsuncacao-websvcsun cacao web service access point
11165udpsuncacao-websvcsun cacao web service access point
16161tcpsun-sea-portSolaris SEA Port
16161udpsun-sea-portSolaris SEA Port
20012udpss-idi-discSamsung Interdevice Interaction discovery
20013tcpss-idiSamsung Interdevice Interaction
30832udpsamsung-discSamsung Convergence Discovery Protocol
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