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Port Number List Of Services Matching THE-SECURE-SHELL-SSH-PROTOCOL

I searched my database for all services matching "the-secure-shell-ssh-protocol" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
17tcpqotdQuote of the Day
17udpqotdQuote of the Day
22tcpsshThe Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
22udpsshThe Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
31tcpmsg-authMSG Authentication
31udpmsg-authMSG Authentication
56tcpxns-authXNS Authentication
56udpxns-authXNS Authentication
113tcpauthAuthentication Service
113udpauthAuthentication Service
209tcpqmtpThe Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
209udpqmtpThe Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
649tcpcadview-3dCadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
649udpcadview-3dCadview-3d - streaming 3d models over the internet
2036tcpe-dpnetEthernet WS DP network
2036udpe-dpnetEthernet WS DP network
2147tcplv-authLive Vault Authentication
2147udplv-authLive Vault Authentication
2222tcpEtherNet/IP-1EtherNet/IP I/O
2222udpEtherNet/IP-1EtherNet/IP I/O
2296tcptheta-lmTheta License Manager (Rainbow)
2296udptheta-lmTheta License Manager (Rainbow)
2478tcpssm-csspsSecurSight Authentication Server (SSL)
2478udpssm-csspsSecurSight Authentication Server (SSL)
2821tcpvrts-at-portVERITAS Authentication Service
2821udpvrts-at-portVERITAS Authentication Service
3113tcpcs-auth-svrCS-Authenticate Svr Port
3113udpcs-auth-svrCS-Authenticate Svr Port
3207tcpvx-auth-portVeritas Authentication Port
3207udpvx-auth-portVeritas Authentication Port
3209tcpnetwkpathengineHP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
3209udpnetwkpathengineHP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
3382tcpfujitsu-neatFujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3382udpfujitsu-neatFujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3411tcpbiolink-authBioLink Authenteon server
3411udpbiolink-authBioLink Authenteon server
3710tcpportgate-authPortGate Authentication
3710udpportgate-authPortGate Authentication
3833tcpaipn-authAIPN LS Authentication
3833udpaipn-authAIPN LS Authentication
4129tcpnuauthNuFW authentication protocol
4129udpnuauthNuFW authentication protocol
4165tcpaltcpArcLink over Ethernet
4165udpaltcpArcLink over Ethernet
4368tcpwxbriefWeatherBrief Direct
4368udpwxbriefWeatherBrief Direct
4373tcpremctlRemote Authenticated Command Service
4373udpremctlRemote Authenticated Command Service
4913tcplutcpLUTher Control Protocol
4987tcpsmar-se-port1SMAR Ethernet Port 1
4987udpsmar-se-port1SMAR Ethernet Port 1
4988tcpsmar-se-port2SMAR Ethernet Port 2
4988udpsmar-se-port2SMAR Ethernet Port 2
5002tcprferadio free ethernet
5002udprferadio free ethernet
5067tcpauthentxAuthentx Service
5067udpauthentxAuthentx Service
5635tcpsfmssoSFM Authentication Subsystem
6268tcpgridGrid Authentication
6268udpgridGrid Authentication
6269tcpgrid-altGrid Authentication Alt
6269udpgrid-altGrid Authentication Alt
6316tcpabb-escpEthernet Sensor Communications Protocol
6316udpabb-escpEthernet Sensor Communications Protocol
7004tcpafs3-kaserverAFS/Kerberos authentication service
7004udpafs3-kaserverAFS/Kerberos authentication service
7300swxThe Swiss Exchange
7473tcpriseRise: The Vieneo Province
7473udpriseRise: The Vieneo Province
9002tcpdynamidDynamID authentication
9002udpdynamidDynamID authentication
27999tcptw-auth-keyTW Authentication/Key Distribution and
31029udpyawnYaWN - Yet Another Windows Notifier
34980tcpethercatEtherCAT Port
34980udpethercatEhterCAT Port
44818tcpEtherNet/IP-2EtherNet/IP messaging
44818udpEtherNet/IP-2EtherNet/IP messaging
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