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Port Number List Of Services Matching TUNNEL

I searched my database for all services matching "tunnel" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
363tcprsvp_tunnelRSVP Tunnel
363udprsvp_tunnelRSVP Tunnel
1994tcpstun-portcisco serial tunnel port
1994udpstun-portcisco serial tunnel port
2644tcptravsoft-ipx-tTravsoft IPX Tunnel
2644udptravsoft-ipx-tTravsoft IPX Tunnel
2876tcpsps-tunnelSPS Tunnel
2876udpsps-tunnelSPS Tunnel
3265tcpaltav-tunnelAltav Tunnel
3265udpaltav-tunnelAltav Tunnel
3568tcpdof-tunnel-secDOF Secure Tunnel
3568udpdof-tunnel-secDOF Secure Tunnel
3653tcptspTunnel Setup Protocol
3653udptspTunnel Setup Protocol
3663tcpdtpDIRECWAY Tunnel Protocol
3663udpdtpDIRECWAY Tunnel Protocol
3772tcpctpChantry Tunnel Protocol
3772udpctpChantry Tunnel Protocol
4370tcpelpro_tunnelELPRO V2 Protocol Tunnel
4370udpelpro_tunnelELPRO V2 Protocol Tunnel
5150tcpatmpAscend Tunnel Management Protocol
5150udpatmpAscend Tunnel Management Protocol
6635udpmpls-udpEncapsulate MPLS packets in UDP tunnels.
6636udpmpls-udp-dtlsEncapsulate MPLS packets in UDP tunnels with DTLS.
7471tcpsttunnelStateless Transport Tunneling Protocol
7674tcpimqtunnelsiMQ SSL tunnel
7674udpimqtunnelsiMQ SSL tunnel
7675tcpimqtunneliMQ Tunnel
7675udpimqtunneliMQ Tunnel
7802udpvns-tpVirtualized Network Services Tunnel Protocol
8001tcpvcom-tunnelVCOM Tunnel
8001udpvcom-tunnelVCOM Tunnel
8567tcpdof-tunnelDOF Tunneling Protocol
8567udpdof-tunnelDOF Tunneling Protocol
9899udpsctp-tunnelingSCTP TUNNELING
16665tcpaxon-tunnelReliable multipath data transport for high latencies
16666udpvtpVidder Tunnel Protocol
17234tcpintegrius-stpIntegrius Secure Tunnel Protocol
17234udpintegrius-stpIntegrius Secure Tunnel Protocol
20202tcpipdtp-portIPD Tunneling Port
20202udpipdtp-portIPD Tunneling Port
22305tcpcisCompactIS Tunnel
22305udpcisCompactIS Tunnel
22343tcpcis-secureCompactIS Secure Tunnel
22343udpcis-secureCompactIS Secure Tunnel
38201tcpgalaxy7-dataGalaxy7 Data Tunnel
38201udpgalaxy7-dataGalaxy7 Data Tunnel
44123tcpz-wave-tunnelZ-Wave Secure Tunnel
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