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I searched my database for all services matching "two-way-active-measurement-protocol-twamp-control" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
92tcpnppNetwork Printing Protocol
92udpnppNetwork Printing Protocol
119tcpnntpNetwork News Transfer Protocol
119udpnntpNetwork News Transfer Protocol
123tcpntpNetwork Time Protocol
123udpntpNetwork Time Protocol
170tcpprint-srvNetwork PostScript
170udpprint-srvNetwork PostScript
171tcpmultiplexNetwork Innovations Multiplex
171udpmultiplexNetwork Innovations Multiplex
172tcpcl/1Network Innovations CL/1
172udpcl/1Network Innovations CL/1
192tcposu-nmsOSU Network Monitoring System
192udposu-nmsOSU Network Monitoring System
195tcpdn6-nlm-audDNSIX Network Level Module Audit
195udpdn6-nlm-audDNSIX Network Level Module Audit
271tcppt-tlsIETF Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) Posture Transport Protocol over TLS (PT-TLS)
359tcpnsrmpNetwork Security Risk Management Protocol
359udpnsrmpNetwork Security Risk Management Protocol
376tcpnipAmiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
376udpnipAmiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
384tcparnsA Remote Network Server System
384udparnsA Remote Network Server System
444tcpsnppSimple Network Paging Protocol
444udpsnppSimple Network Paging Protocol
451tcpsfs-smp-netCray Network Semaphore server
451udpsfs-smp-netCray Network Semaphore server
537tcpnmspNetworked Media Streaming Protocol
537udpnmspNetworked Media Streaming Protocol
699tcpaccessnetworkAccess Network
699udpaccessnetworkAccess Network
742tcpnetrcsNetwork based Rev. Cont. Sys.
742udpnetrcsNetwork based Rev. Cont. Sys.
862tcptwamp-controlTwo-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control
862udptwamp-controlTwo-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control
1025tcpblackjacknetwork blackjack
1025udpblackjacknetwork blackjack
1133tcpdfnData Flow Network
1133udpdfnData Flow Network
1140tcpautonocAutoNOC Network Operations Protocol
1140udpautonocAutoNOC Network Operations Protocol
1155tcpnfaNetwork File Access
1155udpnfaNetwork File Access
1196tcpnetmagicNetwork Magic
1196udpnetmagicNetwork Magic
1222tcpnervSNI R&D network
1222udpnervSNI R&D network
1258tcpopennlOpen Network Library
1258udpopennlOpen Network Library
1259tcpopennl-voiceOpen Network Library Voice
1259udpopennl-voiceOpen Network Library Voice
1349tcpsbookRegistration Network Protocol
1349udpsbookRegistration Network Protocol
1350tcpeditbenchRegistration Network Protocol
1350udpeditbenchRegistration Network Protocol
1354tcpXSIP-networkFive Across XSIP Network
1354udpXSIP-networkFive Across XSIP Network
1363tcpndm-requesterNetwork DataMover Requester
1363udpndm-requesterNetwork DataMover Requester
1364tcpndm-serverNetwork DataMover Server
1364udpndm-serverNetwork DataMover Server
1365tcpadapt-snaNetwork Software Associates
1365udpadapt-snaNetwork Software Associates
1380tcptelesis-licmanTelesis Network License Manager
1380udptelesis-licmanTelesis Network License Manager
1381tcpapple-licmanApple Network License Manager
1381udpapple-licmanApple Network License Manager
1383tcpgwhaGW Hannaway Network License Manager
1383udpgwhaGW Hannaway Network License Manager
1393tcpiclpv-nlsNetwork Log Server
1393udpiclpv-nlsNetwork Log Server
1394tcpiclpv-nlcNetwork Log Client
1394udpiclpv-nlcNetwork Log Client
1528udpngr-tNGR transport protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks
1911tcpmtpStarlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
1911udpmtpStarlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
2036tcpe-dpnetEthernet WS DP network
2036udpe-dpnetEthernet WS DP network
2049tcpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2049udpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2049sctpnfsNetwork File System
2100tcpamiganetfsAmiga Network Filesystem
2100udpamiganetfsAmiga Network Filesystem
2120tcpqencpQuick Eagle Networks CP
2120udpqencpQuick Eagle Networks CP
2157tcpxndsXerox Network Document Scan Protocol
2157udpxndsXerox Network Document Scan Protocol
2210tcpnoaaportNOAAPORT Broadcast Network
2210udpnoaaportNOAAPORT Broadcast Network
2293tcpnpdbgmngrNetwork Platform Debug Manager
2293udpnpdbgmngrNetwork Platform Debug Manager
2804tcpdvr-esmMarch Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2804udpdvr-esmMarch Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2973tcpsvnetworksSV Networks
2973udpsvnetworksSV Networks
3195tcpncu-1Network Control Unit
3195udpncu-1Network Control Unit
3196tcpncu-2Network Control Unit
3196udpncu-2Network Control Unit
3203tcpnetwatcher-monNetwork Watcher Monitor
3203udpnetwatcher-monNetwork Watcher Monitor
3204tcpnetwatcher-dbNetwork Watcher DB Access
3204udpnetwatcher-dbNetwork Watcher DB Access
3209tcpnetwkpathengineHP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
3209udpnetwkpathengineHP OpenView Network Path Engine Server
3210tcpflamenco-proxyFlamenco Networks Proxy
3210udpflamenco-proxyFlamenco Networks Proxy
3259tcpepncdp2Epson Network Common Devi
3259udpepncdp2Epson Network Common Devi
3377tcpcogsys-lmCogsys Network License Manager
3377udpcogsys-lmCogsys Network License Manager
3382tcpfujitsu-neatFujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3382udpfujitsu-neatFujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
3402tcpfxaengine-netFXa Engine Network Port
3402udpfxaengine-netFXa Engine Network Port
3409tcpnetworklensNetworkLens Event Port
3409udpnetworklensNetworkLens Event Port
3410tcpnetworklenssNetworkLens SSL Event
3410udpnetworklenssNetworkLens SSL Event
3413tcpsvnetSpecView Networking
3413udpsvnetSpecView Networking
3443tcpov-nnm-websrvOpenView Network Node Manager WEB Server
3443udpov-nnm-websrvOpenView Network Node Manager WEB Server
3445tcpmonpMedia Object Network
3445udpmonpMedia Object Network
3493tcpnutNetwork UPS Tools
3493udpnutNetwork UPS Tools
3615tcpstart-networkStart Messaging Network
3615udpstart-networkStart Messaging Network
3618tcpaairnet-1AAIR-Network 1
3618udpaairnet-1AAIR-Network 1
3619tcpaairnet-2AAIR-Network 2
3619udpaairnet-2AAIR-Network 2
3621tcpep-nspEPSON Network Screen Port
3621udpep-nspEPSON Network Screen Port
3686tcptnmpv2Trivial Network Management
3686udptnmpv2Trivial Network Management
3691tcpmagaya-networkMagaya Network Port
3691udpmagaya-networkMagaya Network Port
3769tcphaipe-otnkHAIPE Network Keying
3769udphaipe-otnkHAIPE Network Keying
3780tcpnnpNuzzler Network Protocol
3780udpnnpNuzzler Network Protocol
3791tcptvnetworkvideoTV NetworkVideo Data port
3791udptvnetworkvideoTV NetworkVideo Data port
3846tcpan-pcpAstare Network PCP
3846udpan-pcpAstare Network PCP
3883tcpvrpnVR Peripheral Network
3883udpvrpnVR Peripheral Network
3959tcptreehopperTree Hopper Networking
3959udptreehopperTree Hopper Networking
3979tcpsmwanSmith Micro Wide Area Network Service
3979udpsmwanSmith Micro Wide Area Network Service
3984tcpmapper-nodemgrMAPPER network node manager
3984udpmapper-nodemgrMAPPER network node manager
4037tcpravehdRaveHD network control
4037udpravehdRaveHD network control
4045tcpnppNetwork Paging Protocol
4045udpnppNetwork Paging Protocol
4139tcpthrtxImperfect Networks Server
4139udpthrtxImperfect Networks Server
4150tcpPowerAlert-nsaPowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent
4150udpPowerAlert-nsaPowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent
4159tcpnssNetwork Security Service
4159udpnssNetwork Security Service
4167tcpddgnDeskDirect Global Network
4167udpddgnDeskDirect Global Network
4305tcpbatmanbetter approach to mobile ad-hoc networking
4305udpbatmanbetter approach to mobile ad-hoc networking
4345tcpm4-network-asMacro 4 Network AS
4345udpm4-network-asMacro 4 Network AS
4407tcpnacagentNetwork Access Control Agent
4410tcpitwo-serverRIB iTWO Application Server
4687tcpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4687udpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4703tcpnpqes-testNetwork Performance Quality Evaluation System Test Service
4711tcptrinity-distTrinity Trust Network Node Communication
4711udptrinity-distTrinity Trust Network Node Communication
4711sctptrinity-distTrinity Trust Network Node Communication
4752tcpsnapSimple Network Audio Protocol
4752udpsnapSimple Network Audio Protocol
4753tcpsimonSimple Invocation of Methods Over Network (SIMON)
4753udpsimon-discSimple Invocation of Methods Over Network (SIMON) Discovery
4789udpvxlanVirtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
4790udpvxlan-gpeGeneric Protocol Extension for Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
4936udpan-signalingSignal protocol port for autonomic networking
5014udponpsocketOverlay Network Protocol
5195tcpampl-licThe protocol is used by a license server and client programs to control use of program licenses that float to networked machines
5233tcpenfsEtinnae Network File Service
5235tcpgalaxy-networkGalaxy Network Service
5235udpgalaxy-networkGalaxy Network Service
5264tcp3com-njack-13Com Network Jack Port 1
5264udp3com-njack-13Com Network Jack Port 1
5265tcp3com-njack-23Com Network Jack Port 2
5265udp3com-njack-23Com Network Jack Port 2
5363tcpnet-projectionWindows Network Projection
5363udpnet-projectionWindows Network Projection
5464tcpquailnetQuail Networks Object Broker
5464udpquailnetQuail Networks Object Broker
5627tcpninafNode Initiated Network Association Forma
5627udpninafNode Initiated Network Association Forma
5689tcpqmvideoQM video network management protocol
5689udpqmvideoQM video network management protocol
6081udpgeneveGeneric Network Virtualization Encapsulation (Geneve)
6085tcpkonspire2bkonspire2b p2p network
6085udpkonspire2bkonspire2b p2p network
6124tcppnbsPhlexible Network Backup Service
6124udppnbsPhlexible Network Backup Service
6140tcppulsonixnlsPulsonix Network License Service
6140udppulsonixnlsPulsonix Network License Service
6241udpjeol-nsddp-1JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 1
6241tcpjeol-nsdtp-1JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 1
6242udpjeol-nsddp-2JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 2
6242tcpjeol-nsdtp-2JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 2
6243udpjeol-nsddp-3JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 3
6243tcpjeol-nsdtp-3JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 3
6244udpjeol-nsddp-4JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 4
6244tcpjeol-nsdtp-4JEOL Network Services Data Transport Protocol 4
6324tcphrd-ncsHR Device Network Configuration Service
6324udphrd-ns-discHR Device Network service
6363udpndnNamed Data Networking
6702tcpe-design-nete-Design network
6702udpe-design-nete-Design network
6791tcphnmHalcyon Network Manager
6791udphnmHalcyon Network Manager
7040udpquest-discQuest application level network service discovery
7101tcpelcnEmbedded Light Control Network
7101udpelcnEmbedded Light Control Network
7262tcpcnapCalypso Network Access Protocol
7262udpcnapCalypso Network Access Protocol
7410tcpionixnetmonIonix Network Monitor
7410udpionixnetmonIonix Network Monitor
7549tcpnls-tlNetwork Layer Signaling Transport Layer
7549udpnls-tlNetwork Layer Signaling Transport Layer
7689tcpcollaberCollaber Network Service
7689udpcollaberCollaber Network Service
7741tcpscriptviewScriptView Network
7741udpscriptviewScriptView Network
7775tcpinetfsA File System using TLS over a wide area network
7802udpvns-tpVirtualized Network Services Tunnel Protocol
8004tcpp2pevolvenetOpensource Evolv Enterprise Platform P2P Network Node Connection Protocol
8086tcpd-s-nDistributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port
8086udpd-s-nDistributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port
8181tcpintermapperIntermapper network management system
8313tcphub-open-netHub Open Network
8320tcptnp-discoverThin(ium) Network Protocol
8320udptnp-discoverThin(ium) Network Protocol
8321tcptnpThin(ium) Network Protocol
8321udptnpThin(ium) Network Protocol
8980tcpnod-providerNetwork of Devices Provider
8980udpnod-providerNetwork of Devices Provider
8981udpnod-clientNetwork of Devices Client
9255tcpmonManager On Network
9255udpmonManager On Network
9277udptraingpsdataGPS Data transmitted from train to ground network
9400tcpsec-t4net-srvSamsung Twain for Network Server
9400udpsec-t4net-srvSamsung Twain for Network Server
9401tcpsec-t4net-cltSamsung Twain for Network Client
9401udpsec-t4net-cltSamsung Twain for Network Client
9402tcpsec-pc2fax-srvSamsung PC2FAX for Network Server
9402udpsec-pc2fax-srvSamsung PC2FAX for Network Server
9695tcpccnxContent Centric Networking
9695udpccnxContent Centric Networking
9889tcpgt-proxyPort for Cable network related data proxy or repeater
9889udpgt-proxyPort for Cable network related data proxy or repeater
9954tcphinpHaloteC Instrument Network Protocol
9966tcpodnspOKI Data Network Setting Protocol
9966udpodnspOKI Data Network Setting Protocol
10000tcpndmpNetwork Data Management Protocol
10000udpndmpNetwork Data Management Protocol
10809tcpnbdLinux Network Block Device
11202tcpdcsl-backupDCSL Network Backup Services
12001tcpentextnetwkIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
12001udpentextnetwkIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
13724tcpvnetdVeritas Network Utility
13724udpvnetdVeritas Network Utility
14500tcpxpraxpra network protocol
15002tcponep-tlsOpen Network Environment TLS
16360tcpnetserialext1Network Serial Extension Ports One
16360udpnetserialext1Network Serial Extension Ports One
16361tcpnetserialext2Network Serial Extension Ports Two
16361udpnetserialext2Network Serial Extension Ports Two
16367tcpnetserialext3Network Serial Extension Ports Three
16367udpnetserialext3Network Serial Extension Ports Three
16368tcpnetserialext4Network Serial Extension Ports Four
16368udpnetserialext4Network Serial Extension Ports Four
19999tcpdnp-secDistributed Network Protocol - Secure
19999udpdnp-secDistributed Network Protocol - Secure
20005tcpopenwebnetOpenWebNet protocol for electric network
20005udpopenwebnetOpenWebNet protocol for electric network
20049tcpnfsrdmaNetwork File System (NFS) over RDMA
20049udpnfsrdmaNetwork File System (NFS) over RDMA
20049sctpnfsrdmaNetwork File System (NFS) over RDMA
24922tcpfindFind Identification of Network Devices
24922udpfindFind Identification of Network Devices
25900tcptasp-netTASP Network Comm
25900udptasp-netTASP Network Comm
30000tcpndmpsSecure Network Data Management Protocol
31416tcpxqosdXQoS network monitor
31416udpxqosdXQoS network monitor
32801tcpmlsnMultiple Listing Service Network
32801udpmlsnMultiple Listing Service Network
36001tcpallpeersAllPeers Network
36001udpallpeersAllPeers Network
42508tcpcandpComputer Associates network discovery protocol
42508udpcandpComputer Associates network discovery protocol
47808tcpbacnetBuilding Automation and Control Networks
47808udpbacnetBuilding Automation and Control Networks
47809udppresonus-ucnetPreSonus Universal Control Network Protocol
48050tcpweandsfWeFi Access Network Discovery and Selection Function
48128tcpisnetservImage Systems Network Services
48128udpisnetservImage Systems Network Services
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