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Port Number List Of Services Matching VID

I searched my database for all services matching "vid" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
267tcptd-serviceTobit David Service Layer
267udptd-serviceTobit David Service Layer
268tcptd-replicaTobit David Replica
268udptd-replicaTobit David Replica
583tcpphilips-vcPhilips Video-Conferencing
583udpphilips-vcPhilips Video-Conferencing
1049tcptd-postmanTobit David Postman VPMN
1049udptd-postmanTobit David Postman VPMN
1398tcpvideo-activmailVideo Active Mail
1398udpvideo-activmailVideo Active Mail
1518tcpvpvdVirtual Places Video data
1518udpvpvdVirtual Places Video data
1519tcpvpvcVirtual Places Video control
1519udpvpvcVirtual Places Video control
1825tcpdirecpc-videoDirecPC Video
1825udpdirecpc-videoDirecPC Video
1927tcpvidete-cipcVidete CIPC Port
1927udpvidete-cipcVidete CIPC Port
1982tcpestampEvidentiary Timestamp
1982udpestampEvidentiary Timestamp
2232tcpivs-videoIVS Video default
2232udpivs-videoIVS Video default
2804tcpdvr-esmMarch Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2804udpdvr-esmMarch Networks Digital Video Recorders and Enterprise Service Manager products
2979tcph263-videoH.263 Video Streaming
2979udph263-videoH.263 Video Streaming
3231tcpvidigoVidiGo communication (previous was: Delta Solutions Direct)
3231udpvidigoVidiGo communication (previous was: Delta Solutions Direct)
3476tcpnppmpNVIDIA Mgmt Protocol
3476udpnppmpNVIDIA Mgmt Protocol
3791tcptvnetworkvideoTV NetworkVideo Data port
3791udptvnetworkvideoTV NetworkVideo Data port
4307tcptrueconfTrueConf Videoconference Service
4307udptrueconfTrueConf Videoconference Service
4444tcpnv-videoNV Video default
4444udpnv-videoNV Video default
4804udpaja-ntv4-discAJA ntv4 Video System Discovery
5209tcpnomadNomad Device Video Transfer
5689tcpqmvideoQM video network management protocol
5689udpqmvideoQM video network management protocol
5714tcpprosharevideoproshare conf video
5714udpprosharevideoproshare conf video
6785tcpdgpf-exchgDGPF Individual Exchange
6785udpdgpf-exchgDGPF Individual Exchange
7088udpzixi-transportZixi live video transport protocol
8501udpcmtp-avCYTEL Message Transfer Audio and Video
8980tcpnod-providerNetwork of Devices Provider
8980udpnod-providerNetwork of Devices Provider
16666udpvtpVidder Tunnel Protocol
16789tcpcadsisvrThis server provides callable services to mainframe External Security Managers from any TCP/IP platform
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