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I searched my database for all services matching "virtual-extensible-local-area-network-vxlan" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
677tcpvppVirtual Presence Protocol
677udpvppVirtual Presence Protocol
1139tcpevmEnterprise Virtual Manager
1139udpevmEnterprise Virtual Manager
1516tcpvpadVirtual Places Audio data
1516udpvpadVirtual Places Audio data
1517tcpvpacVirtual Places Audio control
1517udpvpacVirtual Places Audio control
1518tcpvpvdVirtual Places Video data
1518udpvpvdVirtual Places Video data
1519tcpvpvcVirtual Places Video control
1519udpvpvcVirtual Places Video control
1533tcpvirtual-placesVirtual Places Software
1533udpvirtual-placesVirtual Places Software
1852tcpvirtual-timeVirtual Time
1852udpvirtual-timeVirtual Time
2179tcpvmrdpMicrosoft RDP for virtual machines
2179udpvmrdpMicrosoft RDP for virtual machines
2386tcpvirtualtapeVirtual Tape
2386udpvirtualtapeVirtual Tape
3480tcpplethoraSecure Virtual Workspace
3480udpplethoraSecure Virtual Workspace
3509tcpvt-sslVirtual Token SSL Port
3509udpvt-sslVirtual Token SSL Port
4395tcpomnivisionesxOmniVision communication for Virtual environments
4395udpomnivisionesxOmniVision communication for Virtual environments
4415tcpbrcd-vr-reqBrocade Virtual Router Request
4789udpvxlanVirtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
4790udpvxlan-gpeGeneric Protocol Extension for Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
4841tcpquosaQUOSA Virtual Library Service
4841udpquosaQUOSA Virtual Library Service
4980udpctxs-vppCitrix Virtual Path
5028tcpqvrQuiqum Virtual Relais
5164tcpvpaVirtual Protocol Adapter
5164udpvpa-discVirtual Protocol Adapter Discovery
5223tcphpvirtgrpHP Virtual Machine Group Management
5223udphpvirtgrpHP Virtual Machine Group Management
5224tcphpvirtctrlHP Virtual Machine Console Operations
5224udphpvirtctrlHP Virtual Machine Console Operations
5228tcphpvroomHP Virtual Room Service
6081udpgeneveGeneric Network Virtualization Encapsulation (Geneve)
6326tcpdt-vraDouble-Take Virtual Recovery Assistant
7121tcpvirprot-lmVirtual Prototypes License Manager
7121udpvirprot-lmVirtual Prototypes License Manager
7728tcposvrOpen-Source Virtual Reality
7728udposvrOpen-Source Virtual Reality
7728sctposvrOpen-Source Virtual Reality
7802udpvns-tpVirtualized Network Services Tunnel Protocol
8472tcpotvOverlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
8472udpotvOverlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
8473tcpvp2pVirtual Point to Point
8473udpvp2pVirtual Point to Point
9300tcpvraceVirtual Racing Service
9300udpvraceVirtual Racing Service
13218tcpemc-vcas-tcpEMC Virtual CAS Service
13218udpemc-vcas-udpEMV Virtual CAS Service Discovery
17185tcpsoundsvirtualSounds Virtual
17185udpsoundsvirtualSounds Virtual
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