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Updated Jan 02, 2010Area Code 905
  1. "E" is Eastern Time Zone, "C" is Central Time Zone, "M" is Mountain Time Zone, and "P" is Pacific Time Zone. Occasionally, an area code will fall in more than one time zone. In this case, the abbreviation is a combination of the previous abbreviations. Some area codes are shown with time zones referencing Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
  2. Additional technical status can be retrived from the North American Numbering Plan Administration on the 905 area code specific link here.
Area Code905 (area code map)
LocationOntario, CANADA
Dates and historical informationArea code 905 went live into service on October 04, 1993.  It was formed as a subdivision of the 416 area code.  It has had the 289 area code(s) overlaid on it.
Growth StatusThis area code went live on October 04, 1993 as an "overlay" on the 289 area code.  This means the 905 area code was created in part to provide more telephone numbers for people in the 289 area code area. In other words, 905 is a subdivision of the 289 area code.
Technical Status 2Area code 905 is currently live and in service.
Time Zone(s) 1E
LATA numbers served888
Number of rate centers served69
List of rate centersMarkham, Castlemore, Cooksville, Oakville, Oshawa, Burlington, Aurora, Oak Ridges, Dunnville, Unionville, Newmarket, Malton, Hampton, Woodbridge, Cobourg, Gormley, Hamilton, Milton, Maple, Ancaster, Grimsby, Thornhill, Castleton, Grafton, Roseneath, Colborne, Clarkson, Whitby, Brampton, Keswick, Vineland, Beamsville, Dundas, Winona, Claremont, Brooklin, Freelton, Mount Hope, Waterdown, Binbrook, Georgetown, Welland, Sutton, Beeton, Welcome, Caledonia, Cayuga, Bradford, Selkirk, King City, Victoria, Snelgrove, Uxbridge, Bolton, Nobleton, Fort Erie, Palgrave, Port Hope, Bethesda, Pelham, Kleinburg, Ridgeway, Wainfleet, Tottenham, Schomberg, Port Perry, Orono, Blackstock, Newcastle
Number of major cities served0
Number of exchanges served462
List of exchanges served905-201-xxxx, 905-202-xxxx, 905-204-xxxx, 905-206-xxxx, 905-208-xxxx, 905-210-xxxx, 905-212-xxxx, 905-213-xxxx, 905-214-xxxx, 905-220-xxxx, 905-222-xxxx, 905-223-xxxx, 905-229-xxxx, 905-238-xxxx, 905-241-xxxx, 905-242-xxxx, 905-243-xxxx, 905-244-xxxx, 905-248-xxxx, 905-251-xxxx, 905-252-xxxx, 905-256-xxxx, 905-257-xxxx, 905-259-xxxx, 905-260-xxxx, 905-261-xxxx, 905-263-xxxx, 905-264-xxxx, 905-265-xxxx, 905-269-xxxx, 905-270-xxxx, 905-272-xxxx, 905-273-xxxx, 905-275-xxxx, 905-276-xxxx, 905-277-xxxx, 905-279-xxxx, 905-281-xxxx, 905-282-xxxx, 905-283-xxxx, 905-284-xxxx, 905-287-xxxx, 905-290-xxxx, 905-293-xxxx, 905-294-xxxx, 905-297-xxxx, 905-298-xxxx, 905-299-xxxx, 905-303-xxxx, 905-304-xxxx, 905-305-xxxx, 905-306-xxxx, 905-307-xxxx, 905-308-xxxx, 905-309-xxxx, 905-312-xxxx, 905-313-xxxx, 905-314-xxxx, 905-315-xxxx, 905-316-xxxx, 905-317-xxxx, 905-318-xxxx, 905-319-xxxx, 905-320-xxxx, 905-326-xxxx, 905-330-xxxx, 905-331-xxxx, 905-332-xxxx, 905-333-xxxx, 905-334-xxxx, 905-335-xxxx, 905-336-xxxx, 905-337-xxxx, 905-338-xxxx, 905-339-xxxx, 905-344-xxxx, 905-349-xxxx, 905-352-xxxx, 905-355-xxxx, 905-361-xxxx, 905-362-xxxx, 905-364-xxxx, 905-366-xxxx, 905-372-xxxx, 905-373-xxxx, 905-375-xxxx, 905-376-xxxx, 905-377-xxxx, 905-379-xxxx, 905-381-xxxx, 905-383-xxxx, 905-385-xxxx, 905-387-xxxx, 905-388-xxxx, 905-389-xxxx, 905-390-xxxx, 905-396-xxxx, 905-399-xxxx, 905-403-xxxx, 905-404-xxxx, 905-405-xxxx, 905-407-xxxx, 905-410-xxxx, 905-413-xxxx, 905-415-xxxx, 905-417-xxxx, 905-429-xxxx, 905-430-xxxx, 905-431-xxxx, 905-432-xxxx, 905-433-xxxx, 905-434-xxxx, 905-435-xxxx, 905-436-xxxx, 905-438-xxxx, 905-439-xxxx, 905-440-xxxx, 905-441-xxxx, 905-442-xxxx, 905-443-xxxx, 905-447-xxxx, 905-448-xxxx, 905-449-xxxx, 905-450-xxxx, 905-451-xxxx, 905-452-xxxx, 905-453-xxxx, 905-454-xxxx, 905-455-xxxx, 905-456-xxxx, 905-457-xxxx, 905-458-xxxx, 905-459-xxxx, 905-460-xxxx, 905-461-xxxx, 905-464-xxxx, 905-465-xxxx, 905-466-xxxx, 905-467-xxxx, 905-469-xxxx, 905-470-xxxx, 905-471-xxxx, 905-472-xxxx, 905-474-xxxx, 905-475-xxxx, 905-476-xxxx, 905-477-xxxx, 905-479-xxxx, 905-480-xxxx, 905-481-xxxx, 905-482-xxxx, 905-483-xxxx, 905-484-xxxx, 905-487-xxxx, 905-494-xxxx, 905-495-xxxx, 905-501-xxxx, 905-502-xxxx, 905-505-xxxx, 905-506-xxxx, 905-507-xxxx, 905-510-xxxx, 905-512-xxxx, 905-513-xxxx, 905-515-xxxx, 905-516-xxxx, 905-517-xxxx, 905-518-xxxx, 905-520-xxxx, 905-521-xxxx, 905-522-xxxx, 905-523-xxxx, 905-524-xxxx, 905-525-xxxx, 905-526-xxxx, 905-527-xxxx, 905-528-xxxx, 905-529-xxxx, 905-530-xxxx, 905-531-xxxx, 905-536-xxxx, 905-537-xxxx, 905-540-xxxx, 905-541-xxxx, 905-543-xxxx, 905-544-xxxx, 905-545-xxxx, 905-546-xxxx, 905-547-xxxx, 905-548-xxxx, 905-549-xxxx, 905-560-xxxx, 905-561-xxxx, 905-562-xxxx, 905-563-xxxx, 905-564-xxxx, 905-565-xxxx, 905-566-xxxx, 905-568-xxxx, 905-570-xxxx, 905-571-xxxx, 905-572-xxxx, 905-573-xxxx, 905-574-xxxx, 905-575-xxxx, 905-576-xxxx, 905-577-xxxx, 905-578-xxxx, 905-579-xxxx, 905-580-xxxx, 905-592-xxxx, 905-595-xxxx, 905-599-xxxx, 905-602-xxxx, 905-612-xxxx, 905-615-xxxx, 905-624-xxxx, 905-625-xxxx, 905-627-xxxx, 905-628-xxxx, 905-629-xxxx, 905-630-xxxx, 905-631-xxxx, 905-632-xxxx, 905-633-xxxx, 905-634-xxxx, 905-635-xxxx, 905-636-xxxx, 905-637-xxxx, 905-638-xxxx, 905-639-xxxx, 905-643-xxxx, 905-644-xxxx, 905-645-xxxx, 905-648-xxxx, 905-649-xxxx, 905-652-xxxx, 905-653-xxxx, 905-654-xxxx, 905-655-xxxx, 905-656-xxxx, 905-657-xxxx, 905-659-xxxx, 905-660-xxxx, 905-661-xxxx, 905-665-xxxx, 905-666-xxxx, 905-667-xxxx, 905-668-xxxx, 905-669-xxxx, 905-670-xxxx, 905-671-xxxx, 905-672-xxxx, 905-673-xxxx, 905-674-xxxx, 905-676-xxxx, 905-677-xxxx, 905-678-xxxx, 905-679-xxxx, 905-681-xxxx, 905-689-xxxx, 905-690-xxxx, 905-691-xxxx, 905-692-xxxx, 905-693-xxxx, 905-694-xxxx, 905-695-xxxx, 905-696-xxxx, 905-698-xxxx, 905-699-xxxx, 905-701-xxxx, 905-702-xxxx, 905-703-xxxx, 905-707-xxxx, 905-709-xxxx, 905-712-xxxx, 905-713-xxxx, 905-714-xxxx, 905-715-xxxx, 905-716-xxxx, 905-717-xxxx, 905-718-xxxx, 905-719-xxxx, 905-720-xxxx, 905-721-xxxx, 905-722-xxxx, 905-723-xxxx, 905-725-xxxx, 905-726-xxxx, 905-727-xxxx, 905-728-xxxx, 905-729-xxxx, 905-730-xxxx, 905-731-xxxx, 905-732-xxxx, 905-733-xxxx, 905-734-xxxx, 905-735-xxxx, 905-736-xxxx, 905-738-xxxx, 905-740-xxxx, 905-741-xxxx, 905-743-xxxx, 905-745-xxxx, 905-746-xxxx, 905-749-xxxx, 905-751-xxxx, 905-752-xxxx, 905-753-xxxx, 905-754-xxxx, 905-755-xxxx, 905-756-xxxx, 905-760-xxxx, 905-761-xxxx, 905-762-xxxx, 905-763-xxxx, 905-764-xxxx, 905-765-xxxx, 905-771-xxxx, 905-772-xxxx, 905-773-xxxx, 905-774-xxxx, 905-775-xxxx, 905-776-xxxx, 905-777-xxxx, 905-778-xxxx, 905-788-xxxx, 905-789-xxxx, 905-790-xxxx, 905-791-xxxx, 905-792-xxxx, 905-793-xxxx, 905-794-xxxx, 905-795-xxxx, 905-796-xxxx, 905-798-xxxx, 905-799-xxxx, 905-801-xxxx, 905-802-xxxx, 905-803-xxxx, 905-804-xxxx, 905-805-xxxx, 905-806-xxxx, 905-807-xxxx, 905-808-xxxx, 905-809-xxxx, 905-815-xxxx, 905-818-xxxx, 905-822-xxxx, 905-823-xxxx, 905-825-xxxx, 905-827-xxxx, 905-829-xxxx, 905-830-xxxx, 905-832-xxxx, 905-833-xxxx, 905-836-xxxx, 905-838-xxxx, 905-840-xxxx, 905-841-xxxx, 905-842-xxxx, 905-843-xxxx, 905-844-xxxx, 905-845-xxxx, 905-846-xxxx, 905-847-xxxx, 905-848-xxxx, 905-849-xxxx, 905-850-xxxx, 905-851-xxxx, 905-852-xxxx, 905-853-xxxx, 905-855-xxxx, 905-856-xxxx, 905-857-xxxx, 905-859-xxxx, 905-861-xxxx, 905-862-xxxx, 905-863-xxxx, 905-864-xxxx, 905-865-xxxx, 905-866-xxxx, 905-867-xxxx, 905-868-xxxx, 905-869-xxxx, 905-870-xxxx, 905-871-xxxx, 905-872-xxxx, 905-873-xxxx, 905-874-xxxx, 905-875-xxxx, 905-876-xxxx, 905-877-xxxx, 905-878-xxxx, 905-879-xxxx, 905-880-xxxx, 905-881-xxxx, 905-882-xxxx, 905-885-xxxx, 905-886-xxxx, 905-887-xxxx, 905-888-xxxx, 905-889-xxxx, 905-890-xxxx, 905-892-xxxx, 905-893-xxxx, 905-894-xxxx, 905-895-xxxx, 905-896-xxxx, 905-897-xxxx, 905-898-xxxx, 905-899-xxxx, 905-901-xxxx, 905-902-xxxx, 905-906-xxxx, 905-909-xxxx, 905-912-xxxx, 905-914-xxxx, 905-925-xxxx, 905-926-xxxx, 905-927-xxxx, 905-928-xxxx, 905-929-xxxx, 905-936-xxxx, 905-939-xxxx, 905-940-xxxx, 905-943-xxxx, 905-944-xxxx, 905-945-xxxx, 905-946-xxxx, 905-947-xxxx, 905-948-xxxx, 905-949-xxxx, 905-951-xxxx, 905-952-xxxx, 905-953-xxxx, 905-954-xxxx, 905-955-xxxx, 905-960-xxxx, 905-961-xxxx, 905-965-xxxx, 905-967-xxxx, 905-969-xxxx, 905-971-xxxx, 905-972-xxxx, 905-973-xxxx, 905-974-xxxx, 905-975-xxxx, 905-977-xxxx, 905-978-xxxx, 905-979-xxxx, 905-981-xxxx, 905-982-xxxx, 905-983-xxxx, 905-985-xxxx, 905-986-xxxx, 905-987-xxxx, 905-989-xxxx, 905-991-xxxx, 905-992-xxxx, 905-993-xxxx, 905-994-xxxx
Number of telephone companies9 telephone companies servicing the 905 area code
List of telephone companiesBell Canada, Futureway Communications Inc., TELUS Mobility, Bell Mobility, Rogers AT&T Wireless, GT Group Telecom Services Corp., TELUS Integrated Communications, Call-Net Communications, MTS Allstream

905 Area Code Map

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