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Iowa T1 Connection Information

On this page you can check the availability of T1 lines in Iowa with instant, real time results.  By filling in the short form below, you will be pre-qualifying for a fast T1 line from all the top local and nationwide T1 service providers available in Iowa.  Your T1 pricing is heavily influenced by the distance between your local phone office (called the 'POP' or 'CO') and your business.   This distance, called the 'local loop', helps determine which of the providers in Iowa will be able to cost-effectively service your location.
T1 Shopper automatically calculates your local loop and provides you with not only your local T1 service providers, but also the top nationwide T1 providers.  Now you can rest assured like our many already satisfied clients, that you’re working with the highest quality T1 service providers with all the right prices.  This Internet T1 service which is provided free of any charge or obligation has always worked for getting a T1 Internet connection but is now also working for getting the more traditional T1 voice, phone or long distance services.   Receive your dedicated T1 line information quickly at no cost to you.  Get T1 information now >>
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DSL provider T1 line T3 connection DS3 line In less than twenty-four hours, you will receive quotes directly from all your local and top nationwide DSL service, T1 line or T3 connection providers
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DSL provider T1 line T3 connection DS3 line There's no obligation and no fees for this service.  You save money by comparing only proposals that meet your needs
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T1 Line T1 Connection DSL Service T3 Connection
DSL Service $50 to $250 per month
  • DSL service is an affordable way to receive high speed Internet service
  • DSL can serve between one to fifteen people (or computers) based on average use
  • We suggest DSL for office or home office emailing, web browsing or single-user VOIP services
  • For advanced applications like web servers, multi-user VPN, Citrix, or VOIP, T1 Shopper suggests a T1 line.

Please select from the following two choices so we can better respond to your request

        Residential DSL
        Commercial DSL

Please start by entering the ZIP code where service is to be installed.
*ZIP Code for service


T1 Line T1 Internet T1 Connection T1 Service T1 Price T1 Provider T1 Prices T1 Pricing $212 to $1200 per month
  • A T1 line is available almost anywere (unlike DSL)
  • A T1 connection is always up and running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - guaranteed
  • T1 lines are a higher quality Internet service providing a firm foundation for other advanced applications such as mail or web servers, multi-user VPN, Citrix, or VOIP services
  • T1 connections can decrease expensive phone bills by placing up to 23 phone lines with dedicated long distance service on the T1 line in addition to Internet service!

How will you be using this T1 connection?

Internet Use (for email, web browsing, file transfer, every day Internet use or web/mail servers, etc.)
Please include Voice Over IP Service information
Please include Voice and Web Conferencing information
Please include secure VPN networking information
Phone Use (for voice, long distance, local calling, traditional PBX, etc.)
Please include PRI information
Please include Digital Trunk information
Please include Dedicated Long Distance information
Please include Voice and Web Conferencing information
Please start by entering the ZIP code where service is to be installed.
*ZIP Code for service


TT3 DS3 T3 Connection T3 Line DS3 Line T3 Internet T3 Internet Connection DS3 Dedicated DS3 Speed DS3 Price DS3 Service DS3 Connection DS3 Pricing DS3 Bandwidth DS3 Los Angeles DS3 Definition Fractional DS3 $3000 to $12,000 per month
  • When your existing T1 lines are not enough
  • You want the ability to quickly increase your data capacity up to 45 Mbps or up to 650+ dedicated phone lines.
  • More cost effective in the long run than bonding multiple T1's.
Please enter the following information so we can better respond to your request
   Enter the bandwidth you desire in megabits per second e.g. 'We want at least a dedicated 15 Mbps but we might go over this during peak times.'
Please include PRI information
Please include Digital Trunk information
Please include Dedicated Long Distance information
Please include Voice and Web Conferencing information
Please start by entering the ZIP code where service is to be installed.
*ZIP Code for service


T1 line DSL service T1 connection T3 line DS3 internet service provider
Simplify Your T1 Buying Process!
Our service is 100% free
Receive pricing of T1 lines, usually within just a few hours!
Receive availability of T1 lines in your area
Save time by letting others put proposals together for you
Save money by comparing only proposals that meet your needs
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