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Cavalier DSL, T1 & T3 Information


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Company Name
Cavalier (Cavalier Business Communications)
Cavalier Services
  • Cavalier Business Communications offers businesses a choice in local, long-distance, Voice-over-IP (VOIP), data and internet services. With services available in DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jesey Pennsylvania and Virginia, Cavalier serves the business phone and data needs of Richmond, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dover, Salisbury, Atlantic City, Newark, Wilmington, Doylestown, Trenton and Camden. Cavalier commits to providing business state-of-the-art technology at lower prices.
Cavalier Pricing
Cavalier Highlights
  • Cavalier Business Communications is a facilities-based full service telecommunications company with the specific mission of bringing its customers a choice in voice and data network providers. Started in 1998, Cavalier has invested over $215 million throughout the Eastern seaboard to build a state-of-the-art telecommunications network utilizing best-in-class technology. By making the investment in our own network, Cavalier is able to avoid the huge overhead of the incumbent carriers and telephone companies. This enables us to provide the highest quality of customer service while passing significant savings on to our customers.
    Cavalier's Competitive Advantages -
    • 100% company owned and managed facilities-based network
    • Broad coverage throughout the Eastern Seaboard region
    • Physical Collocation in central offices improves service delivery
    • Competitive pricing for voice, data, Internet and VoIP applications
    • Bandwidth is scalable and distributable to where business is done
    • Flexibility beyond traditional telephone company offering
    • Local field offices for quicker response to business needs
    • Advanced network architecture ensures first class service delivery - Fiber optics, digital switching and SONET ring design
Cavalier Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
Cavalier's commitment on provisioning: 15-20 days
15-20 days with business lines of 12 or less. T1 lines and multiple locations are guaranteed to install in 45 business days
Cavalier's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 99.99%
Cavalier will respond to major service outage within two hours after notice of trouble from the customer
Cavalier's commitment on Off-net Network Availability: 99.9%
Cavalier's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore: 3 Hours
Cavalier's commitment on Data Delivery: 99.9
Cavalier's commitment on Maximum Latency: 80ms
Cavalier's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: 0.05%
Cavalier's commitment on Throughput:
Cavalier's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: No scheduled maintanence
Cavalier's termination options: See notes
Cavalier Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: 877-810-4392 Mention T1 Shopper for faster service!
Questions about billing:
Technical Support:
  • Cavalier - Ordering New Business Services - 877-810-4392
  • Cavalier - Business Account Information - 800-683-3944
  • Bob Mort Ranta National Account Manager - 571-323-1686
Cavalier Technical Tools
Cavalier's ASN number is
Cavalier's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
Cavalier References
Cavalier Top Rankings/News
Cavalier Leadership
  • Robert Keane, President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Greg Jones, Vice President, Sales
  • Marty Austin, Director, Channel Sales
Cavalier Employees
  • Cavalier has approximately 1000 employees (as of January 2005)
Cavalier Key Dates
Cavalier Headquarters
  • Cavalier Business Communications
    2134 W. Laburnum Ave
    Richmond, VA 23227
Cavalier Service Locations
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia
  • Virginia
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