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MCI T1 Line & T3 Information

MCI - Worldcom

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Company Name
MCI (MCI, Inc.)
MCI Services

Our Products, Services and Operations

  • Global Presence. Offices in 65 countries, on six continents with highly-skilled employees who are focused on providing world-class service

  • Fastest Speeds. Our Internet backbone operates at speeds that are the fastest available in today's market

  • Award Winning Products. Integrated voice, data, and Internet products, such as the award-winning MCI Advantage, the first truly converged Internet, data and voice offering for businesses over an IP platform, and The Neighborhood built by MCI, the nation's first consumer any-distance voice service available for one low monthly price. In addition, MCI offers the most comprehensive portfolio of communications and advanced networking products for businesses, governments and consumers

  • Global Connections
    • We provide high-capacity connections in more than 150 countries

    • We own and operate more than 2,400 ATM, frame relay and voice switches, and own and operate 130 data centers in 22 countries on five continents

    • Our skilled engineers at these centers monitor network performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    • We support more than 2.2 million global dial modems connecting thousands of cities throughout the world
MCI Pricing

FREE Efficient 5940 router with the purchase of a Internet Dedicated T1

$500.00 per Internet T1*

Installation Charges Waived

1, 2 or 3 year Term

Includes Local Loop

(*available only in certain markets, please call for pricing)

MCI Highlights
The innovative, cost-effective, and advanced communications services MCI offers to businesses across the globe are created with the customers' needs in mind. From secure, reliable access and networking options to the availability of intelligent applications that allow systems to interoperate, MCI understands what it takes to run a business today, can offer the solutions to make it happen, and provides the expertise to wrap it all together. With the backing of our local-to-global networks and the support of our highly skilled, technically savvy, global workforce, MCI has the connectivity options, networking capabilities, and resources required to create, build, and manage the solutions you need to be successful – now and into the future.
MCI Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
MCI's commitment on provisioning: 45 Business Days
(DS3 & UP - 60 Business Days)
If SLA isn't met, customer's invoice will be credited an amount equal to 50% of MCI's billed install charge, to include any applicable Internet Port/service install charges and MCI-ordered and -billed access install charges for the Service for which the SLA is not compliant.
MCI's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 99.99%
Dear MCI, please finish updating your page using the information at http://global.mci.com/terms/us/products/internet/sla/
MCI's commitment on Off-net Network Availability: 99.99%
MCI's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore: 4 Hour MTTR
MCI's commitment on Data Delivery: 99.9%
MCI's commitment on Maximum Latency: 50ms Round Trip
MCI's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: .05%
MCI's commitment on Throughput: 99.9%
MCI's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: No scheduled maintanence
Maintenance is preformed during standard window of 3:00am-7:00am local time of customer serving Central Office.
MCI's termination options: See notes
MCI Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: 1-813-769-4693 or 1-866-878-7552 Mention T1 Shopper for faster service!
Questions about billing: 1-866-878-7552
Technical Support: 1-866-878-7552
MCI Technical Tools
MCI's ASN number is
MCI's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
MCI References

Customer references available upon request.

MCI Top Rankings/News

MCI Receives Internet Telephony® Magazine's Product of the Year Award for 2005

MCI's Next-Generation Suite of VoIP Services Honored for Outstanding Innovation

ASHBURN, VA, December 27, 2005 - MCI, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCIP) announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC®)'s INTERNET TELEPHONY® magazine (www.itmag.com) has named MCI's next-generation suite of Voice over IP (VoIP) Services as a recipient of a 2005 Product of the Year Award. MCI's VoIP offerings include Hosted IP Centrex, IP Integrated Access, Managed IP PBX and IP Trunking Services.

"Leveraging the strength of our global IP network, we continue to deliver innovative services through our flagship MCI portfolio of VoIP solutions," said Nancy Gofus, senior vice president of IP Services for MCI. "With our recently extended portfolio, companies can now choose the VoIP solution that best matches their business and technical needs, while taking advantage of their existing voice and data infrastructure."

In 2005, MCI launched two new additions to its VoIP portfolio, including Managed IP PBX and IP Trunking Services. With MCI's new Managed IP PBX Service, businesses can offload the management of planning, designing and implementing their premise-based IP telephony systems. In addition, the new MCI IP Trunking Service enables customers to carry local, long distance and data traffic on a single converged network, while eliminating the need to purchase costly IP to PSTN gateways to terminate and convert VoIP calls within the network. With MCI's comprehensive portfolio, customers can select from solutions hosted within MCI's network, located at the customer's premise or a hybrid of the two, giving customers far greater flexibility.

"Each year INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine bestows its Product of the Year awards on companies that have demonstrated excellence in technological advancement and application refinements. MCI has demonstrated to the editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY that its services are committed to quality and innovation while addressing the real needs in the marketplace," said Rich Tehrani, Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of INTERNET TELEPHONY.

The Product of the Year Award winners for 2005 will be highlighted in the January and February 2006 issues of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

MCI Leadership

Michael D. Capellas, a 30-year veteran of the information technology business, is President and CEO of MCI. Prior to joining MCI in December 2002, Capellas, 51, was president of Hewlett-Packard Company. Previously, he was the chairman and CEO of Compaq, having joined the company in 1998 as chief information officer and also serving as chief operating officer before being named CEO in July 1999.

Robert T. Blakely, Ph.D., is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MCI. He is the former founder and president of the investment firm Performance Enhancement Group Inc. Previously Blakely has served as CFO of prestigious companies such as Lyondell Chemical Company, Tenneco Inc., and U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation.

Fred M. Briggs. As president of MCI’s Operations and Technology global organization, Fred Briggs oversees one of the largest facilities based communications networks in the world. Briggs is responsible for the complete engineering and operation of MCI’s seamless global voice, data and IP networks which span more than 2,600 cities in 140 countries touching six continents.

Elizabeth Hackenson is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for MCI. In that capacity she provides technology vision and leadership for developing and implementing IT initiatives to provide MCI a competitive edge in the ever-evolving telecom marketplace.

MCI Employees
MCI Key Dates
MCI Headquarters

Our Company At-A-Glance

Ashburn, Virginia, USA


Global Reach
Service to more than 150 countries and places

Our Network
More than 98,000 wholly-owned and operated global network route miles, including terrestrial and undersea cable

Internet Data Centers
More than 130 data centers in 22 countries spanning five continents (North America, Europe, Africa, Australasia and Asia)

Our Services
A world-class service and technology-oriented workforce that delivers a quality of service that is second to none. Our priorities are clear: customers first, customers second, customers third!

Our Competitive Advantage

  • IP Leadership. We are the leader in data services and we own the world's most expansive global IP backbone based upon company-owned points of presence

  • Track Record. We have been in business for more than 30 years, delivering better quality, innovation and value to millions of businesses and consumers

  • Global Customer Base. We provide mission-critical communications services for tens-of-thousands of businesses and government agencies around the globe, including the U.S. Department of Defense, NASDAQ and a majority of Fortune 1000 companies
MCI Service Locations
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