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Nextweb Wireless DSL, T1 & T3 Information

Nextweb - SkyPipeline

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Company Name
NextWeb Inc. (NextWeb Inc. )
NextWeb Inc. Services
Dedicated Internet Access (Fractional to Full T1, T3, & Frame Relay).  Managed Fully Redundant Internet Access, Point to Point services, Web & Email & DNS Hosting.
NextWeb Inc. Pricing

Starting at $159 for fractonal T1 and $349 for full T1 and starting at $649 for fractional T3.

NextWeb Inc. Highlights
NextWeb provides the best combination of value and flexibility. Because we own our own network, we can deliver a reliable wireless T1 to 100Mbps service at a fraction of the cost of telcos, which can be installed in days, rather than weeks or months. In addition, we provide highly responsive technical support, and can easily scale our service to meet your business needs.
NextWeb Inc. Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on provisioning: 3 - 7 Days, Not Weeks
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 99.99%
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Off-net Network Availability: N/A
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore: 4 Hours
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Data Delivery: 100%
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Maximum Latency: 50ms
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: <1%
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Throughput: 100%
NextWeb Inc. 's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: N/A
NextWeb is committed to providing reliable, responsive and personalized service. Our Service Level Agreements are among the industry's best and represent our commitment to providing exceptional value and performance.
NextWeb Service Level Agreement
Four hour priority response
99.99% network availability
< 50ms network latency
< 1% packet loss
NextWeb Inc. Contact Numbers
David Holder - Regional Sales Manager (714) 881-4110 Direct (714) 585-2900 Mobile
NextWeb Inc. Technical Tools
NextWeb Inc. 's ASN number is 7829
NextWeb Inc. 's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
NextWeb’s service is designed for users that require a high rate of sustained connectivity (typically 1.5 to 5 Mbps) but occasionally burst to even higher speeds (up to 2 - 9 Mbps) for heavier traffic loads. Each subscriber unit (SU) is a 10"x10" unit located at the end-user’s premises. The SU also contains the customer-end gateway router, so no additional equipment or T1 router with CSU/DSU is required. The custom interface is a standard RJ45 CAT5 Ethernet connection and ready to be connected to the customers LAN via to a firewall or simple Edge device that runs NAT or DHCP. NextWeb base stations are interconnected using either DS-3 or OC-3 connections back to one of two NextWeb Regional Data Centers. At these Data Centers, NextWeb maintains peering and transit with multiple global backbones. The Regional Data Centers are also home to NextWeb's servers which provide web hosting, DNS, mail and other services. Each NextWeb Regional Data Center is a state-of-the-art facility with around the clock security, UPS and generator power backup, and environmental controls (for temperature and humidity). NextWeb also maintains 24/7 network monitoring of and provisioning for functions including: bandwidth allocation, monitoring and controlling of network elements, monitoring traffic patterns to detect network over/under-utilization, traffic re-routing, troubleshooting and repairs, billing, customer resource management and other administrative tasks.
NextWeb Inc. References
Anaheim Angels, Lion's Gate Entertainment, St. Joseph's Hospital, KPMG, Mitsubishi Electronics, Hotel Monaco (SF), JD Power & Associates, Sylvan Learning Centers, Rockwell Scientific, Simpson Strong-Tie, Sega Enterprises, Billabong, Quicksilver, Jafra Cosmetics, Dole Foods, City of Orange, City of Newport Beach
NextWeb Inc. Top Rankings/News
August 1, 2005 Nextweb Acquires 1st Universe October 11, 2004, NextWeb and RedWire sign Sales and Marketing Agreement June 1, 2004 NextWeb Leads Formation of Frequency Planning and Coordination Group in Los Angeles and San Diego Mar 20, 2004 NextWeb Expands Business-Class Internet Service in Key Communities in Los Angeles Area Jan 12, 2004 NextWeb Develops Frequency Management Program to Address Interference Issues Dec 4, 2003 NextWeb Makes Third Acquisition Nov 11, 2003 NextWeb Launches High-Speed Internet Service In Long Beach, Palo Alto July 9, 2003 SkyWeb Alliance Partners Choose Axxcelera Platform to Deploy Broadband Wireless Services Dec 12, 2002 NextWeb Secures New Funding May 14, 2002 NextWeb Makes Star Wars Fans Productive Mar 8, 2002 NextWeb Announces Strong Growth in 2001 Feb 26, 2002 Fixed Wireless ISP, NextWeb, Expands Regional Coverage Jan 30, 2002 Nextweb Offers 100% Path Redundancy for Broadband Data Service Jan 10, 2002 Bay Area Municipal Governments Select NextWeb as Preferred Broadband Internet Service Provider Dec 17, 2001 NextWeb CEO, Graham Barnes, to be Featured Speaker at Supernet 2002 Dec 13, 2001 NextWeb Selected To Provide High Speed Internet Access To Major Hotel Chains Nov 19, 2001 NextWeb Closes Latest Round of Funding Oct 29, 2001 NextWeb Expands Coverage to Hayward; Company Bucks Trend Aug 15, 2001 NextWeb Once Again Offers Fast Installation Service To Customers Losing DSL Internet Access June 25, 2001 Aperto Networks Builds Early User Base in Fixed Wireless Access (Aperto) Apr 4, 2001 NextWeb Gets Ronald McDonald House Back Online in 24 Hours Mar 23, 2001 NextWeb Tosses Life Ring to NorthPoint Victims Feb 22, 2001 NextWeb Expands Management Depth June 5, 2000 NextWeb Provides High-Performance Wireless Internet Service at Abernathy Group's Technology Showcase
NextWeb Inc. Leadership
Graham Barnes, President and Chief Executive Officer David Williams, Vice President JR Becko, Vice President of Sales Eric Warren, Director of Marketing and Business Development Sam Metri, Vice President of Engineering & Operations Michael Saddik, Vice President of Client Services & Support
NextWeb Inc. Employees
Nextweb has about 60+ employees
NextWeb Inc. Key Dates
Feb 24, 2004 NextWeb, SkyPipeline to Merge, Creating Nation's Largest Wireless Internet Service Provider Mar 17, 2003 California’s Leading Wireless ISPs Join Forces to Create SkyWeb Alliance for Broadband Internet Services Sep 18, 2002 NextWeb To Acquire Assets Of Worldwide Wireless Networks Apr 15, 2002 NextWeb Acquires Innetix Network and Customers Nov 30, 2001 NextWeb CEO to be Featured Speaker at World's Largest Fixed Wireless Show Sept 25, 2000 NextWeb Secures Rooftops and Funding
NextWeb Inc. Headquarters
48820 Kato Road, Suite 101B Fremont, CA 94538
NextWeb Inc. Service Locations
San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, San Diego County, Las Vegas Nevada.
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