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SBC T1 & T3 Information (SBC is now ATT)

SBC Communications Inc.

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Company Name
AT&T/SBC (AT&T (Formerly SBC))
AT&T/SBC Services
  • Voice/Telephone Services (Local T-1 PRI/Supertrunk/Integrated)
  • Long Distance (Switched and Dedicated)
    • Packages: Business Preferred, Centrex Express Advantage, Custom Calling Services (CCS) Power Pack, The WORKS®(Caller ID plus ten custom calling features.)
    • Calling Plans: Advantage 5 Discount Plan, Advantage 10 Discount Plan, Advantage 25 Discount Plan, CompleteLink® (One low rate for direct-dialed local toll calls.)
  • Dedicated Internet Access
    • DS0 Service, DS1 Service (also knows as T1 service), DS3 Service (also known as a T3), Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Service, SBC Multi-Service Optical Network (MON) DWDM Solutions, Customer Network Reconfiguration (CNR), GigaMAN ( fiber-based, point-to-point gigabit Ethernet interconnection service to link local area networks), FibreMAN(SM) (Fibre Channel Metro Area Network).
AT&T/SBC Pricing

Special pricing with no mileage restrictions;t-1, 1.5 Meg, MIS/DIA, $580 includes loop, port and cisco 1721 managed router.  Zero $ Install.  Applies to locations anywhere in the traditional SBC footprint in all 13 SBC states!  Have a competitive offer that you'd like to compare to SBC/AT&T? Give us a chance to work up a quote based on your particular address.

AT&T/SBC Highlights
AT&T/SBC is recognized as a world leader in Telecommunication by customers and Wall Street. AT&T and SBC merged to combine the most reliable and trusted phone company in the world. Call AT&T/SBC T1Shopper Account Representative for up to the minute promotions on local and long distance voice products, and all commercial internet needs (DSL, T-1, Point to Point, Frame Relay, ATM IMA, etc.)
AT&T/SBC Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
AT&T/SBC's commitment on provisioning: 30 Days from Technical Interview.
Note: excludes any LEC facility issues.
AT&T/SBC's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 99.999%
AT&T’s IP network has continually outperformed its major competitors for over a year. Proof is readily available on the Internet. AT&T’s IP network performance statistics are publicly available at www.att.com/ipnetwork.
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Off-net Network Availability: See notes
Off-net Performance (“SBC KB40”): The monthly average full-page download time for the Keynote Business 40 websites, from within selected domestic SBC MegaPOP locations, will not exceed 110% of the US25 Overall metric. The Keynote Business 40 (KB40) Internet Performance Index measures the average download time for the home pages of 40 significant US-based business Web Sites. These measurements are taken by automated agents attached to key points in the Internet backbone in the 25 largest metropolitan areas of the United States.
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore: < 3 hours
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Data Delivery: 99.9%
Internet Service Availability: SBC’s Dedicated Internet Access Service will be available to Customer 99.95% of the time in a calendar month. “Service Unavailability” exists when Customer’s Internet connection is unable to transmit and receive IP Packets to/from On-Net Hosts and SBC records such failure in the SBC trouble ticketing system ("Impaired DIA Service"). Service Unavailability is measured from the time SBC has actual knowledge of a service outage and a trouble ticket is opened, either in response to notification by the Customer or in response to alarms from internal network management systems, to the time Customer’s Impaired DIA Service is again able to transmit and receive IP Packets from SBC On-Net Hosts.
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Maximum Latency: 39 ms
Network Latency: Average round-trip transmissions will be 40 milliseconds or less between SBC-selected MegaPOP endpoints within SBC’s IP Network, measured by averaging samples taken during a calendar month between these endpoints.
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: 0.1%
Network Packet Loss: During any calendar month, packet loss will not exceed 0.1% based upon monthly averages, between SBC-selected MegaPOP and MiniPOP endpoints within SBC’s IP network.
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Throughput: See notes
AT&T/SBC's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: Yes, see notes
SBCIS has National Maintenance Windows for Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Eastern Time: 3:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. From the contract, "Customer understands and agrees that temporary interruptions may occur as normal and reasonable events in the provision of the Service. All computer systems and networks need routine maintenance from time to time. SBC generally schedules and performs such maintenance, on an as needed basis, during the times indicated on SBC’s website (located at http://dedicated.sbcis.sbc.com/NDWS/). Not all scheduled network/systems maintenance will affect Customer’s Service. However, SBC will endeavor to provide Customer five (5) business days advance notice, or if not possible, reasonable advance notice if SBC believes that such routine scheduled maintenance will affect Customer’s Service. In the event of a network/systems emergency requiring immediate attention, SBC reserves the right to perform emergency maintenance without notice or upon short notice, and shall use all reasonable efforts to minimize the effect of such work on Customer’s Service."
AT&T/SBC's termination options: See notes
After the date upon which SBC installs transport to provide Service, in the event Customer terminates this Addendum without cause by providing thirty (30) days prior written notice to SBC or in the event SBC terminates this Addendum based on Customer’s non-responsiveness or non-readiness as set forth above, Customer will be liable to SBC as liquidated damages, not as a penalty, for any installation charges waived or unpaid, any other unpaid charges due and owing, plus fifty percent (50%) of the Monthly Charges for the remaining Term of the Service from the date of termination.

“AT&T is really raising the bar with these SLAs. This is a comprehensive and aggressive move to challenge the industry's traditional methods of measuring performance in a way that is meaningful to customers and meeting their business objectives.  It will be harder for competitors to be vague about their SLA commitments when AT&T's are out there in bold print."

AT&T/SBC Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: (888) 483-4020 Mention T1 Shopper for faster service!
Questions about billing: (800) 750-2355
Technical Support: (866) 937-3664
  • To move your existing service: (877) 722-5695
AT&T/SBC Technical Tools
AT&T/SBC's ASN number is AS11098
AT&T/SBC's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
  • Additional ASN's include: AS19091, AS30676, AS11098, AS13421, AS16959, AS16961, AS16962, AS16963, AS16964, AS16965, AS16966, AS16967, AS7132, AS13420, AS19483, AS5671, AS7286, AS7290, AS13422, AS14247, AS10770, AS13965, AS7222, AS13964, AS6474
  • SBC Speed Test
AT&T/SBC References
AT&T/SBC Top Rankings/News
  • AT&T Secures New Three-Year Data Services Contract with First Financial Bank N.A.
    - Terre Haute, Indiana -- August 04 2006

  • AT&T 'Super Charger' Promotion Puts Fans Behind the Microphone and into the Spotlight
    - San Diego, California -- August 04 2006

  • AT&T Announces New Three-Year Data Services Contract with First National Security Company
    - DeQueen, Arkansas -- August 03 2006
  • AT&T Leads as 'Best Positioned Service Provider' for Largest European Enterprises
    - San Antonio, Texas -- August 03 2006

  • AT&T to Provide Data Hosting Services for Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services
    - Redmond, Washington -- August 02 2006

  • Lollapalooza Acts Will Stream Live on AT&T Blue Room
    - San Antonio, Texas -- August 01 2006

  • AT&T Expands Coverage for Metropolitan Switched Ethernet Service
    - Bedminster, New Jersey -- August 01 2006

  • AT&T Receives Communications Solutions Magazine's "Product of the Year" Awards for 2005
    - Bedminster, New Jersey -- August 01 2006

  • AT&T Wins $4.8 Million Contract with Oshkosh Truck Corporation
    - Oshkosh, Wisconsin -- August 01 2006

  • AT&T Inc. Announces New Seven-Year Optical and Data-Networking Services Contract with the City of Rohnert Park
    - Rohnert Park, California -- July 31 2006

  • AT&T Awards $1 Million AT&T AccessAll Grant to Community Technology Centers' Network to Provide Technology Resources for People with Disabilities
    - San Antonio, Texas -- July 31 2006

  • AT&T Yellow Pages Directory Delivery Begins in Topeka
    - Topeka, Kansas -- July 28 2006

  • National Urban League Receives $1.6 Million AT&T AccessAll Grant to Help African Americans Prepare for Careers in Technology
    - San Antonio, Texas -- July 28 2006

  • AT&T Lends a Hug to Children in Need
    - Lansing, Michigan -- July 27 2006

  • AT&T U-verse TV to Include Bloomberg Television
    - San Antonio, Texas -- July 26 2006
  • AT&T/SBC Leadership
    Corporate Directors: Edward E. Whitacre Jr. - Chairman and CEO | Gilbert F. Amelio | August A. Busch III | Martin K. Eby, Jr. | James A. Henderson | Charles F. Knight | Lynn M. Martin | John B. McCoy | Mary S. Metz | Toni Rembe | S. Donley Ritchey | Joyce M. Roche | Laura D. Tyson | Patricia P. Upton
    AT&T/SBC Employees

    Employees: 189,950
    Annual Revenue: $43.862 billion USD ( FY 2005)

    AT&T/SBC Key Dates

    Southwestern Bell Corporation, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, was one of the seven original Regional Bell Operating Companies, or "Baby Bells." The company — a holding company for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company — was a result of U.S. antitrust action against AT&T in 1983. AT&T had adopted the name Southwestern Bell for its local operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas in April 1920.

    In 1993 Southwestern Bell Corp. moved its headquarters to San Antonio, Texas and, during its annual meeting of stockholders in 1995, the company announced that its name would be changed to SBC Communications, Inc. The name change was an effort to reinforce the company's national and global reach and the company not only stated that "SBC" wasn't an acronym for Southwestern Bell Corporation, but that it did not stand for anything at all.

    SBC then proceeded (as permitted by the Telecommunications Act of 1996) to acquire fellow baby bell Pacific Telesis, the Regional Bell operating company serving Nevada and California, in 1997 and the former independent Bell System franchise SNET (Southern New England Telephone).

    SBC then announced plans to acquire Ameritech, the Regional Bell operating company serving Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin,, and told the FCC that it would allow competitors access to local markets where it had had a monopoly if the FCC would allow them to acquire Ameritech. The FCC agreed and in May 1998, SBC and Ameritech announced the merger would move forward. After making several organizational changes (such as the sale of Ameritech Wireless to GTE) to satisfy state and Federal regulators, the two merged on October 8, 1999. The FCC later fined SBC Communications $6 million for failure to comply with agreements made in order to secure approval of the merger.

    In 2002, SBC ended marketing its operating companies under different names, and simply opted give its companies different doing business as names based on the state, and it gave the holding companies it had purchased d/b/a names based on their general region. This resulted in (bolded companies indicate holding companies):

    • SBC Communications, Inc.
      • SBC Southwest, internal d/b/a name for Southwestern Bell Telephone
        • SBC Arkansas
        • SBC Kansas
        • SBC Missouri
        • SBC Oklahoma
        • SBC Texas
      • SBC West, internal d/b/a name for Pacific Telesis
        • SBC California
        • SBC Nevada
      • SBC East, internal d/b/a name for Southern New England Telecommunications
        • SBC SNET
      • SBC Midwest, internal d/b/a name for SBC Teleholdings, the new name of Ameritech
        • SBC Illinois
        • SBC Indiana
        • SBC Michigan
        • SBC Ohio
        • SBC Wisconsin

    At the time of SBC's purchase of AT&T in 2005, SBC provided local telephone service in 13 states (Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin), provided long distance service to 10 million customers and owned 60% of mobile phone provider Cingular Wireless, the largest mobile phone service provider in the United States. BellSouth, in a joint venture with AT&T Inc., owns the remaining 40% of Cingular Wireless. The company was also an Internet Service Provider and the largest DSL provider in the US, with more than 5.1 million DSL subscribers as of late 2005.

    The company was formerly traded on the NYSE as "SBC" until shortly after its purchase of AT&T Corp. was completed in November of 2005. The company was renamed AT&T Inc. and began trading on the NYSE under the symbol "T" on December 1, 2005.

    Above SBC Communications licensed from Wikipedia to T1 Shopper, Inc. under the GNU Free Documentation License. Ordinal article and its authors listed here

    >> About Dial Tone Services

    Our mission is to take the hassle out of dealing with the phone company.
    Get it done faster, better, cheaper!

    Who are we?

    Dial Tone Services is a "Platinum" level AT&T/SBC Solution Provider for voice lines, T1, DSL, long distance and is ranked in the top 2% in CA business development among 250+ firms. Since 1991, we have been an outsourced order center and consultant for AT&T/SBC business level products. CPUC tariff-ed pricing, billing and customer service continue to be provided by AT&T/SBC, because we are not "middlemen" or resellers in any way.  Best of all, our services are free to the business user!

    Your next move should be to call...

    Dial Tone Services

    AT&T/SBC Headquarters
    Los Angeles Office

    112 N. Catalina Ave.
    Suite #200
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277
    888.450.3806 (Toll Free)
    Palm Springs Office

    7281 Dumosa Ave.
    Suite #5
    Yucca Valley, CA 92284
    877.722.5695 (Toll Free)
    AT&T/SBC Service Locations
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