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Telepacific T1 & T3 Information


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Company Name
TelePacific Communications
U.S. TelePacific Corp.)
TelePacific Communications
TelePacific Communications is a leading provider of business telecommunications network solutions providing local, long distance, data and Internet services to small-to-medium sized businesses in California and Nevada. With thousands of customers, TelePacific is one of the largest telecommunications companies headquartered in California. We provide a level of service to all of our customers that is typically only given to the largest corporate accounts. With local consultants, service, support, and facilities, we develop solutions, provision services and provide customer service where you do business.
TelePacific Communications
TelePacific Communications
  • We are now servicing 376,000+ lines
  • Best in class billing practices work to ensure less than 1% error ratio
  • Average 94% first call resolution
  • Average 95% of all calls answered in 30 seconds or less
  • 24x7 Customer Service (877)487-8349

TelePacific is one of the fastest growing telecom companies headquartered in California! Why...because TelePacific serves customers better than any other company in the business! TelePacific's customer churn (disconnects) is less than 1.5% on average, while industry average is 2.5%. Customers are especially pleased with about TelePacific's accurate billing, precise installations, and world-class customer service.
TelePacific Communications
Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on provisioning:
Standard Interval is 45 Days
TelePacific understands that a successful customer experience starts with a successful customer installation. If a customer requires an expedite, we do have expedite charges we can discuss with you. Our Project Coordinators will negotiate a due date with you, and if we do not install service by that date - portions of the expedite charge will be credited back to you for every day we miss. In regards to cancelation of service, please contact me to discuss. We have SLAs for all TelePacific Voice and Data products.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on On-net Network Availability:
On-Net services are defined as TelePacific Core Products and Services. Examples are Voice Only PRIs, Supertrunks, Internet Service, MPLS, and Flex Bundles etc. provisioned within our footprint. TelePacific has 99.999% Service Guarantee.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Off-net Network Availability:
Off-Net services are defined as products sold on a resell basis. For example, Metro Private Lines, Business Line Custom, etc.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore:
TelePacific has a 4 hour Mean Time to Repair. If services are not restored within 4 hours, our customer can receive credits towards their account. This is stated in our Service Level Guarantees.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Data Delivery:
45 Day interval
Data is defined as Internet and MPLS Private IP Service.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Maximum Latency:
60 Millliseconds
TelePacific Latency Guarantee provides the customer shall not experience an average round trip ping latency of greater than 60 milliseconds.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss:
no > than 1%
TelePacifics Packet Loss Guarantee provides that the customers sustained packet loss will be no greater than 1% in a given calendar month.
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Throughput:
TelePacific Communications
's commitment on Scheduled Downtime:
Yes, see notes
If Operations is going to maintenance, and it will be customer effecting
TelePacific Communications
's termination options:
See notes

Will be provided with executed contracts

TelePacific Communications
Contact Numbers
TelePacific Communications
Technical Tools
TelePacific Communications
's ASN number is

TelePacific Communications
's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
TelePacific offers online usage reporting; comprehensive feature guides; extensive technical documentation for help with email administration, web hosting, IP configuration and much more; and dedicated account management to ensure your services continue to meet your needs as time progresses.

TelePacific Communications
"I just want to express our thanks for your help and that of your team in getting the new La Opinion office up and running. As you recall, this was a very sensitive transition for us with no room for being late. I understand that Telepacific delivered service in time to enable a smooth move, and as a result we were able to get our papers out on time every day."

La Opinion

"TelePacific personnel were professional, honest, and reliable. They delivered all that was promised and saved my agency a bundle as well. I highly recommend them."

Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services

TelePacific Communications
Top Rankings/News
12/17/2004: TelePacific Communications to Acquire Pac-West Telecomm’s Small and Medium Size Enterprise Customer Base
Will raise in excess of $50 million to fund the acquisition and other strategic initiatives.
11/11/2004: TelePacific Celebrates over 250,000 Lines in Service
4/30/2004: TelePacific Celebrates Over 200,000 Lines in Service
TelePacific Communications, a leading provider of business telecommunications solutions today reported that it has surpassed over 200,000 lines installed in the second quarter of 2004 to its target market of small and medium sized businesses throughout California and Nevada. Additionally, the company’s announcement highlights that its customer base has grown over 100% in the past 16 months.
4/16/2004: TelePacific To Use $12 Million Equity Investment to Support Continued Growth
TelePacific Communications, announced today that it received a $12 million equity investment led by affiliates of Investcorp, a global investment firm that is the company’s largest shareholder.
4/1/2004: TelePacific Introduces a New Suite of Data Products Utilizing its MPLS Backbone
Capitalizing on the development of its MPLS Private IP Network, TelePacific has announced the launch of a new suite of data products. The products will roll out in a phased approach throughout the second quarter of 2004. The new line of products will compliment TelePacific’s existing voice and Internet access services, and allow TelePacific to offer a more comprehensive service offering to its customers.

TelePacific Communications
President and CEO, Dick Jalkut
With 25 years of industry experience TelePacific’s CEO Dick Jalkut has managed one of this country’s largest Bell Operating Companies with more than 87,000 employees. He was instrumental in the creation of Verizon as the CEO of NYNEX, New York and New England Telephone. Mr. Jalkut believes that if you take care of your customers everything else will take care of itself. After joining TelePacific he instituted a culture of - Great People, Great Processes, Best Practices, and Customer Feedback. Demanding accountability for all key customer affecting events, TelePacific excels in the business of customer service. “You build relationships with your customers.”
  • Cardi Prinzi, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing 
  • Erich Everbach, General Counsel
  • Ken Bisnoff, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Strategic Opportunities
  • Norman Racine, Chief Information Officer
  • Michael James, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience
  • Rob Madore, Senior Vice President, Network Engineering and Administration
  • Tim Medina, Chief Financial Officer

TelePacific Communications
TelePacific employs more than 600 employees in California and Nevada

TelePacific Communications
Key Dates
  • December 2004: TelePacific Communications to Acquire Pac-West Telecomm’s Small and Medium Size Enterprise Customer Base
  • April 2004: Received $12 million equity investment
  • September 2003: Installed Lucent 5ESS Switch in Irvine
  • April 2003: Received $30 million equity investment capital
  • May 2002: Purchased facilities from Advance Telecom Group (ATG)
  • March 2002: Named Dick Jalkut President and CEO
  • March 2002: Received $40 million equity investment
  • April 2001: Installed Lucent 5ESS Switch in Las Vegas
  • September 2000: Installed Lucent 5ESS Switch in San Diego
  • August 2000: Installed Lucent 5ESS switch in San Jose to service Bay Area market
  • April 2000: Received $125 million equity investment from Investcorp
  • May 1999: Integrated Cisco Systems router into network; qualified as Cisco Powered network
  • September 1999: Former CA Governor Pete Wilson joined Board
  • November 1998: Installed the Lucent 5ESS Switch® in Los Angeles
  • Spring 1998: Opened downtown Los Angeles as its headquarters
  • March 1998: Founded by Chairman David Glickman

TelePacific Communications
TelePacific Communications 515 S Flower Street 47th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90071

TelePacific Communications
Service Locations
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