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Xspedius T1 Line & T3 Information

Xspedius Communications

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Company Name
Xspedius (Xspedius Communications, LLC)
Xspedius Services
    Dedicated Internet Access
  • Fractional to Full T1
  • Multi-T (Bonded T1's) 
  • T3
  • OCx
  • Ethernet Multi-Meg

    Multi-Office Connectivity
  • VPN ConneX / Private WAN connectivity intra/inter market
  • Metro Ethernet 
  • VPN
  • Frame Relay
  • Private Line

    Local Dialtone
  • Full or Partial PRI
  • Full or Partial T1
  • Integrated T1 / PRI with Internet 
  • POTS/Business Exchange Lines

    Integrated Access (Voice and Data combined on single or multiple T1's)


    Special Access
Xspedius Pricing

1st Quarter 2006 Promotions:

  • $500/mo. any combination of voice (PRI or Analog) and data, with 2200 Included long-distance minutes and no installation!
  • $400/mo. Internet T1 / no installation charges (customer provides router)
  • $525/mo. Full T1 with Dynamic bandwidth (available markets only)

All voice services include necessary equipment for delivery to your phone system (ie Channel Bank)

Internet T1 Services includes router, and 8 static IP's (more if justified)! Lower pricing offered if you have your own!

Xspedius Highlights
    Xspedius Values Statement:
    1) We are our customers' advocates.
    2) We are fiscally responsible for our business.
    3) We shall maintain the highest ethical standards.
    4) We shall strive to do each and every job right the first time.
    5) We encourage creativity and responsible risk taking.

    Xspedius Communications caters exclusively to business enterprises. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, outstanding products and services, and excellent value. Our Juniper based MPLS network and Lucent 5ESS Switching equipment provide the quality and reliability your company deserves.
    Xspedius owns and operates 4,000 route miles of fiber optic network is 52 cities throughout the United States.  We deploy Lucent Class 5 Switches, Juniper Network Access and Routing Devices and have Cisco & Fujitsu optical gear in use for our Metro Fiber Networks in each city all deployed with self-healing SONET technology. 
Xspedius Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
Xspedius's commitment on provisioning:
Xspedius's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 99.999%
Internet Availability is defined as the ability for Xspedius’ customers to exchange traffic from their network, across Xspedius’ network to Xspedius’ Internet peering points. Availability of access through the CPE is not guaranteed unless Xspedius provides Managed Router or Managed Firewall service, in which case availability of access through the CPE is guaranteed under the terms of the Managed Router or Managed Firewall service. Availability of access through the local loop to Xspedius’ network is not guaranteed, unless Xspedius provides the local loop entirely on Xspedius’ own facilities.
Xspedius's commitment on Off-net Network Availability: 99.95%
Availability is a measurement of the percent of total time that service is operative when measured over a 365-consecutive-day (8760 hour) period. DS-1 Service is considered inoperative when there has been a loss of signal or when two consecutive 15-second loop-back tests confirm the observation of any severely errored seconds or a bit error rate equal to or worse than 1 x 10^6.
Xspedius's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore: 2-6 hours
Repair effort will be undertaken upon notification of trouble by internal network surveillance and network surveillance and performance systems or by notification of trouble and release of DS-1 Service by the Customer for testing. Xspedius shall comply with the following for Mean Time to Restore (“MTTR”):

2 hours (network equipment)
6 hours (first fibers on cable).
Xspedius's commitment on Data Delivery: 99.99%
Maximum latency Guarantee = 100ms
Metro Ethernet & Long Haul Data Circuits both qualify as data circuitry
Xspedius's commitment on Maximum Latency: 60 ms
Median round-trip latency - Xspedius use “median” rather than “mean” (average) because it provides a more accurate network performance parameter that is not affected by performance anomalies. The median number will be determined by evaluating samples taken throughout the calendar month.
Xspedius's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: 0.5%
Average packet loss will be calculated by evaluating samples taken from tests run between Xspedius’ network core hubs over the course of a calendar month.
Xspedius's commitment on Throughput:
Xspedius's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: Yes, see notes
Xspedius shall notify Customer 48 hours prior to any Planned Outages and keep Customer apprised of the status of such Planned Outage.
Xspedius's termination options: See notes
Cancellation before installation without penalty. Once service is accepted by customer the contract starts and the penalty is 100% of the contracted monthly recurring revenue times the remaining months in the contract.
Xspedius will always make the right and ethical judgement about any and every outage.  Since our customers come first we feel that they are entitled to credits for outages in services.  Xspedius goes above and beyond our SLA to make our customers satisfied.
Xspedius Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: (512)494-1900 ext.10 8:00 am till 5:00 pm CST Mention T1 Shopper for faster service!
Questions about billing: (800) 937-7473 - 8:00 am till 5:00 pm CST
Technical Support: (800) 937-7473 24/7
Xspedius Technical Tools
Xspedius's ASN number is AS6467
Xspedius's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
Xspedius References
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Bank of America
  • Nokia
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Regional References Available upon Request
Xspedius Top Rankings/News


    Xspedius Communications, LLC has announced a record for sales and profitability in October. Jim Lynch, Chairman said “The dedication of the employees to the continued growth, service and success of the company, has been rewarded by the acquisition of new business, record profitability, the expansion of customer service options, and a positive impact in the markets served.” “The company continues to focus on process and service enhancements that will make the customer the priority from the day they contract with us, and throughout their expected long-term relationship”, Lynch added.

    Xspedius continues to expand its market services with new products that take advantage of its fiber assets, such as Metro ConneX Ethernet and Layer 2 and 3 VPN ConneX which provide high capacity service at competitive rates.

Xspedius Leadership
  • Paul Pierron, President and CEO 
  • Glenn Custar, Chief Financial Officer
  • Harold W. Teets, Senior Vice President, Sales and Technology
  • Lawrence P. Beilenson, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Company Secretary
  • Douglas G. Wiley, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Xspedius Employees
  • Xspedius employs over 1500 individuals in over 52 markets throughout the US
Xspedius Key Dates
    Xspedius was created through the consolidation of several telecommunications companies. The initial footprint consisted of 6 facility based cities - Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Memphis, Nashville and Greensboro/Winston Salem. In an acquisition on August 30, 2002, Xspedius purchased substantially all of the assets of Virginia-based e.spire Communications. The e.spire acquisition created a combined telecommunications company providing service in 55 markets in 20 states with more than 4,000 total route miles of fiber, over 600 On-Net buildings and over 150 collocated end offices.

    The January 2003 acquisition of Mpower Communications' Texas assets added more than 7,000 customers and more than 60 collocated end offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio markets.

    Xspedius' vibrant history and future center on growth. This starts with a fiscally responsible business strategy that allows Xspedius to drive revenue and profit internally - as we have done for 8 straight quarters. As external opportunities allow, Xspedius will pursue more acquisitions that fit this model and enhance the networks that serve our customers.
    September 2004, Xspedius Communications turns EBITDA positive

    January 2005, Xspedius Communications turns cash-flow positive and debt free and remains a profitable company today

    In April, 2005, Xspedius purchased the business and assets of ICG Communications Inc. in five markets across the Southeast, adding another 194 buildings and 500 more fiber miles to its network. The acquisition enhanced Xspedius' presence in four markets it currently serves - Atlanta, Birmingham, Louisville and Nashville - and brought Charlotte, NC, into its footprint.

Xspedius Headquarters
  • Xspedius Communications
    5555 Winghaven Blvd.
    O'Fallon, MO 63368
Xspedius Service Locations
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Columbia, SC
  • Columbus, GA
  • Dalls, TX
  • El Paso, TX
  • Ft. Worth, TX
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Greenville, SC
  • Houston, TX
  • Irving, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Lafayette, LA
  • Lake Charles, LA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Louisville, KY
  • Memphis, TN
  • Miami, FL (South FL)
  • Mobile, AL
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Nashville, TN
  • New Orleans, LA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Tampa, FL
  • Tucson, AZ
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Washington D.C. Metro (Northern Virginia)
  • Winston-Salem, NC

* Some markets are not listed because they have carrier grade fiber transport services only and are not equipped for retail sale.

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