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Subnet Calculator - IP Calculator

Subnet Mask Calculator
Enter the TCP/IP Network Address:  
Force as Class: Default
Class A
Class B
Class C
Either enter the required number of sub-networks
Enter the required number of nodes/hosts per network
(including network & broadcast addresses)
Network Class:  
Subnet Mask: or
Nodes/Hosts per Network
including network and broadcast addresses
Network/Node Calculator
                Enter the Subnet Mask:  
Enter the TCPIP Address:

Broadcast Address:  
IP Address Converter
                               Enter the dotted decimal TCPIP Address:  
or Enter the binary TCPIP Address:
or Enter the hex TCPIP Address:
or Enter the decimal TCPIP Address:
Subnet Mask Converter
Enter the dotted decimal Subnet Mask               
Enter the number of bits in the subnetmask /  
Subnet Mask Inverter
Enter the dotted decimal Subnet Mask          
Enter inverted Subnet Mask
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