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Online Traceroute


Use this tool to trace the current path between www.T1Shopper.com and another device on the Internet.  Tracing though US COLO (AS32743) from 1 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Host name or IPv4 address:

Traceroute is a software program that displays the connection (path) through the Internet between this traceroute server and the location you enter above.  The Internet path between the two locations has many routers, computers and other devices along it which help move your information.  Each device along this path looks at your request and then sends it off to the next device until it reaches its destination. The Traceroute program shows the amount of time each device on the route takes to do three things: (1) receive the traceroute request (ICMP), (2) process that request and (3) send it back.  Traceroute performs this test three times on each device (each device is called a "hop").

The results from traceroute show you the path between two computers, the IP addresses and the names of the devices along the path, and the amount of time in milliseconds each device took to receive, process and send back the traceroute request (Internet Control Message Protocol or ICMP).  A device failing to respond to the request is displayed as a "*" (asterisk).  Devices which are intermittently failing to respond are usually under heavy loads and may be struggling just to keep up with their primary job and do not have the resources to take on additional tasks like traceroute requests.  Devices which never respond have either been turned off, are being power cycled ("bounced"), have been specifically instructed not to respond to traceroute requests, are so busy they never get a chance to respond, never received the request, or the request simply didn't make it back

Traceroute is a handy tool both for understanding where problems are in the Internet network and for getting a detailed sense of the Internet itself. Another utility, ping, is often used prior to using traceroute to see whether a host is present on the network. The traceroute utility comes included with a number of operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and many others.  If you have a Windows operating system, try traceroute out by clicking on Start-->Programs-->MS-DOS Prompt, and then at the C:WINDOWS prompt, enter:

tracert www.t1shopper.com

Your computer will run the trace route program and display the results, much like what you will see when using the similar web-based, online traceroute program above!  

Graphical versions of traceroute are available giving the same results as the original (and free) traceroute program but adding two features: (1) displaying the results graphically making it easier to read and (2) attempt to show the physical location of each device (also known as a 'hop') along the Internet route between the two computers. Try out the software by Visualware or this shareware technical one and for more traceroute details see Webopedia or for technical details see RFC 1393.


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